International Welcome Center

International Welcome Center

Webb Middle School
601 E. St. Johns Ave.
Austin, TX  78752
(512) 414-0545

Office Hours/Horario de Oficina: 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. 

Please call for an appointment/Favor de llamar para hacer una cita.

The International Welcome Center provides important information about our schools to students and their families who are new to the United States in order to facilitate their acclimating to American culture while maintaining their identity.

The center serves as a liaison for students and families (Pre-K through 12), linking them to Austin ISD schools; empowering parents and guardians to advocate for their students’ success; and connecting students and families to school and community resources.

International Welcome Center Services also include: 

  • Family and student interviews and screenings 
  • Oral Language Proficiency Assessment in English 
  • Oral Language Proficiency Assessment in Spanish for qualifying elementary students
  • Online registration assistance
  • Family and student orientations which provide information on:
    • Texas Compulsory Attendance Law 
    • 90% Rule for Attendance 
    • Overview of the school day
    • Transportation options
    •  School Safety – explanation of different emergency drills
    • Cyber Safety
    • Dress code and school behavior expectations
  • Parent Workshops for EL students at requesting AISD school campuses tailored to campus needs   
  • Pre-LAS and LAS Links professional development 

For support and more information, please contact the Austin ISD Multilingual Education at 512-414-4734.