About Us

The Austin ISD Police Department is divided into five bureaus, the North Uniform Services Bureau, South Uniform Services Bureau, Criminal Investigations Bureau, Professional Standards Bureau, and the Support Services Bureau:

North & South Uniform Services Bureau

The Uniform Services Bureau oversees the Austin ISD Police School Resource Officer Program, Patrol Division, Mental Health Unit, K9 Unit, and Courier Services.

  • School Resource Officers (SROs) help provide a safe and secure environment for AISD students, employees and visitors by deterring and disrupting criminal activities, enforcing Local and State laws, mentoring students, and providing educational presentations. There are two SROs assigned to each high school campus, and one SRO assigned to each middle school campus. Most SROs are certified mental health officers who provide emergency mental health assessments, and are trained in crisis intervention techniques. All SROs are a vital part of their campus crisis management teams and are responsible for the safety and security of critical incidents occurring on or near their campuses, requiring extensive knowledge of neighboring communities.
  • Patrol officers actively patrol campuses and facilities, respond to calls for service, conduct traffic safety and enforcement patrols, provide educational presentations, and assist area law enforcement agencies as needed. Each patrol officer is responsible for providing a safe and secure learning and working environment for the elementary schools within their assigned area. Patrol officers assist SROs assigned to secondary campuses when additional officers are needed. The Night Patrol Shift officers patrol the District to deter crime when our campuses and facilities are not in use, and assist with investigations or calls for service that come in after-hours. There are 20 patrol officers that work staggered shifts, providing law enforcement services for AISD 24/7, year-round.
  • Mental Health Unit: AISD Police has two Mental Health Coordinators that act as liaisons between our officers and the District and local mental health resources. They provide mental health and crisis intervention training on a regular basis. All AISD Police Officers are required to attend the Mental Health Officer Certification course to become certified mental health officers.
  • The Austin ISD K-9 Unit, established in 2000, currently has one narcotics detection team. K-9 officers and their handlers regularly appear at civic organizations, visit campuses to educate and demonstrate their abilities to students, provide patrol support for athletics and special events, and conduct sniffs for items on campus. To schedule a canine presentation for your organization or campus, please call AISD Police at 512-414-1703, or email us at aisdpd@austinisd.org.
    Current K-9 Officer: Officer Lucca is a 5-year-old golden retriever who joined the department in 2017. Lucca is trained in the detection of illegal narcotics. Lucca's handler is Officer Daryl Seagrave, who has been with the department since January 2015.
  • Courier Division: Responsible for the collection, safeguard and delivery of district funds when they have to be transferred between AISD schools/facilities. The Courier Division is also responsible for the delivery of all court and law enforcement related documents throughout Travis County.

Criminal Investigations Bureau

The Criminal Investigations Bureau is responsible for the oversight of the Criminal Investigations Division, Digital Forensics, Evidence, and the Body Camera Program.

  • Criminal Investigations Division: comprised of four Detectives and a Lieutenant who oversee and investigate major incidents and offenses occurring on district property, personnel investigations for the human resources department, internal investigations of department officers and allegations of child abuse occurring on AISD property.
  • Digital Forensics: The Digital Forensics Unit assists the Criminal Investigations Division through the forensic analysis and evidence collection of electronic media, including but not limited to computers and cell phones, that is suspected of being used in the commission of a crime.
  • Evidence Technician: Responsible for the safe and secure storage of all evidence collected during the course of a criminal investigation. The evidence technician is also responsible for preparing evidence to be presented in court.
  • Body Camera Program: The Austin ISD Police Department has been utilizing body cameras since approximately 2009. Every officer is assigned a body camera, and is required to record and download all law enforcement contacts to a secure server. The Criminal Investigations Division assists in ensuring body camera video files are labeled and categorized for evidence retention and accountability.

Professional Standards Bureau

The Professional Standards Bureau is responsible for the oversight of the Training and Recruiting Division, the Texas Police Chief’s Accreditation and Recognition Program, Planning and Research, and Staff and Inventory Inspections.


  • Training and Recruiting Division: Responsible for the recruitment, hiring, and training of new police officers. Also responsible for preparing, scheduling, and providing training to all officers in order to meet the training requirements and mandates set forth by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.
  • Texas Police Chief’s Association Recognition Program: Responsible for reviewing Department policies and procedures to ensure they are in compliance with 166 Texas Law Enforcement Best Practices developed to ensure our agency is providing an efficient and effective law enforcement service, reducing risk, and protecting individual rights.
  • Planning and Research: Responsible for the research, testing, planning, and implementation of new equipment, technology, training, and practices that help ensure the safety of officers and District stakeholders.
  • Staff Inspections: The Professional Standards Bureau ensures that inspections of officer equipment, officers, and patrol vehicles are conducted on a routine basis to ensure Department property and assets are maintained, functioning, and safe for daily use.
  • Internal Affairs: Responsible for the thorough investigation of allegations of wrongdoing made against Department employees, including violations of Department policies and criminal laws. The Internal Affairs division reports directly to the Chief of Police. Please notify us if you are aware of misconduct, and we will investigate thoroughly, objectively, and without prejudice. If you would like to share feedback, please visit the “Policies and Complaints” tab on our website.

Support Services Bureau

The Support Services Bureau is made up of primarily civilian personnel who assist the Department in the mission of ensuring a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and visitors. The Support Services Bureau is overseen by the Assistant Chief of Police, and is comprised of the Communications Division, Emergency Management Division, Life Safety Systems, Budget and Payroll, Data and Records, and District ID Badges.

  • Communications Center provides a communication hub for the Department and the District 24/7, year-round. Dispatchers receive calls for police, fire, or medical service within the District and then dispatch Austin ISD police officers, the Austin Fire Department, and/or Austin-Travis County EMS as needed. The Communications Center is also responsible for the monitoring of security, surveillance and fire alarm systems within the District. The Austin ISD Police Communications Center has direct communication capabilities with other local emergency services and first responder agencies should the need arise. Calls made to 911 from within the District are routed through the Central Texas Emergency Communications Center (CTECC) and then to Austin ISD Police dispatch for immediate response.
  • Emergency Management: Emergency management staff are responsible for making sure that AISD is prepared for any emergency that might happen on a campus or at a facility. These staff undertake risk assessments, provide training and drills, help coordinate AISD's critical incident actions with local, regional, state and federal partners in the event of an emergency, and work to facilitate recovery once the event is over.
  • Life Safety Systems: Life Safety Systems is the name given to equipment such as fire alarm and sprinkler systems, building intruder alarms, building access systems, and video systems that are installed to increase the safety of building occupants. Life safety Systems is comprised of 18 staff members, including technicians who are responsible for installing, testing and inspecting the safety systems installed at all AISD facilities to keep them in peak working order. AISD fire alarm, fire sprinkler, kitchen suppression, building intrusion and video systems are monitored by the AISD Communications Center 24/7, year-round.
  • Budget and Payroll: Staff are responsible for the management of the annual Department budget, analyzing the budget for future needs or modifications, and ensuring Department purchases are cataloged and paid on time. Staff are also responsible for communicating with the AISD Payroll and Leave offices to ensure Department employees are paid accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Data and Records: Responsible for the quality control of every report written by our officers, the organization of these records, and the preparation of records to be forwarded to court. Data and Records staff must be fluent in the National Incident Based Reporting System to ensure the data in our police reports are reflected accurately in national reporting systems. Staff are also responsible for the timely response to requests for open records. To obtain a copy of a report, a request must be made in writing. The easiest way is to email openrecords@austinisd.org. There is a standard waiting period of 10 business days to locate and prepare the report for release. You will be notified when the report is ready and when and where it can be retrieved. Please note that information related to a case still under investigation or pending court cannot be released, and some cases are ineligible for release.
  • District ID Badging: Austin ISD Police provide security access badges to District and relevant non-district employees. Additional information can be found on the “ID Badges” tab of our website.