Earth Week 2022

We’ll be promoting activities all week, feel free to use these themes or make up your own. Show what you’re doing on these days of the week on Twitter @AustinISDGreen, #AISDGreen and Instagram #aisdgreen #austinisdgreen.

Explore the environment by bike with Ghisallo!
During Earth Week 2022, Ghisallo will share a short presentation on bike skills for AISD schools to integrate into their Earth Week activities. The presentation includes helmet fit, road safety, hand signals, and navigation skills to prepare students for riding. PE and homeroom classes will feature Ghisallo bike skills all week - no lesson planning needed! Request the presentation and supportive activities from Free bikes and helmets will be provided to selected schools to support Bike to School Day on May 4th - let’s get rolling!! 

Did you know?
 The Austin ISD Transportation Department is committed to providing safe, reliable and professional service for our students, while always aiming to be as environmentally friendly as possible! We are always improving our fleet to reduce emissions and hope to add electric buses to our fleet soon. Don’t want to wait? Take a ride on one of the Capital Metro Electric Buses - ages 18 & under ride FREE
Air Quality Awareness Week, May 2-6
 Get ready for Air Quality Awareness Week / La Semana de la Calidad del Aire! Outdoor air quality sensors have been installed at 13 schools. AISD students and teachers can view real-time sensor data to enrich environmental learning. The data can also serve as a companion to the FREE EcoRise Curriculum (register here). Want to explore further? Complete the Air Quality Lesson Interest Form to learn more about bringing a participatory citizen science lesson from the City of Austin Office of Sustainability to your classroom. 

Protect young lungs

Help reduce harmful emissions and protect young lungs with a no-idling campaign at your school! Use these brochures in English and Spanish and these On Air Green Schools Alliance Resources to remind folks to turn the key and be idle-fee! 

Reduce your homes carbon footprint
Calculate your household carbon footprint to identify opportunities to reduce emissions at home. Many of our daily activities - such as driving a car, using electricity, or disposing of waste - cause greenhouse gas emissions. Together these emissions make up a household's carbon footprint. 

Sustainability through Minecraft

Students invited to learn sustainability through Minecraft. Working with the C40, Minecraft Education invited Austin youth to participate in a Minecraft Build Challenge, providing young people the opportunity to design more sustainable cities. The challenge: How might we think about Austin’s transportation system differently to meet the needs of all our community members and reduce our dependence on cars? In the challenge, third through 12th-grade students can:

  • Visit and explore the downtown community of Austin
  • Learn more about the City of Austin’s Sustainability and Transportation Strategy
  • Speak with and learn from a variety of experts from the City of Austin
  • Design and build a solution to the problem: How do we design a modern transportation system for the city of Austin that meets the city’s Net Zero goals by the year 2040?

Get details on the challenge and how to get started at the Net Zero Austin website.

Tour the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) House

Tour the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) House for a glimpse of the most important ways to protect the air in your home. Room-by-room, you'll learn about the key pollutants and how to address them. The tour is available in English and Español.

Keeping your body active can help you get places car-free!

Take a fitness break with your favorite pro athlete. Play one-on-one with basketball star, Jewell Lloyd; show off your quick feet with soccer pro, Em Boateng; and more! Find even more activities

Keeping your body active can help you get places car-free!
Download a free at-home activity pack to get moving towards your 60 minutes of recommended daily activity; build strong bones and muscles with simple fitness skills; and reduce symptoms of anxiety through engaging games and activities that can be done in your apartment, house, and outside.