Campus Monitoring & Interventions

Campuses rated Improvement Required in the most recent or prior school-year by the State accountability system and campuses designated as Focus or Priority campuses in 2017 by the Federal accountability system must engage in the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) in the current school-year. TAIS is a continuous improvement process that consists of data analysis, needs assessment, improvement planning, and implementation and monitoring of a Targeted Improvement Plan.

Campus rated Improvement Required by the State accountability system for two consecutive years must also develop a Turnaround Plan in the current school-year.  At the end of the current school-year, if the campus earns its third consecutive rating of Improvement Required, then it must implement the Turnaround Plan.

Parents, community members, teachers, and CAC members have the opportunity to provide input on the campus Targeted Improvement Plans and Turnaround Plans, including sharing concerns and possible solutions for improvement.  Input opportunities will be posted on each campus' website.  Additional information will be provided below as it is available.

Campus-level Intervention Flowchart

Intervention and Submission Requirements

TEA Accountability Monitoring Intervention Guidance and Resources

Draft Campus Targeted Improvement Plans

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Draft Campus Turnaround Plans

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Turnaround Plan Input/Feedback Opportunities

Opportunities to provide input in the development of the Turnaround Plans and review and provide feedback after the plan has been developed are provided below:

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Turnaround Plan Input/Feedback Online Form

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