State Accountability

The State Accountability System for 2018 and beyond will consist of four areas:

  • Student Achievement Domain: Evaluates academic performance on STAAR and postsecondary readiness
  • School Progress Domain:
    • Part A: Academic Growth - Evaluates individual student growth on STAAR from year to year
    • Part B: Relative Performance - Compares a school's Student Achievement Domain score to similar campuses
  • Closing the Gaps Domain: Focuses on performance of student groups

The highest of the scaled scores earned in Student Achievement, School Progress Part A: Academic Growth, and School Progress Part B: Relative Performance will contribute 70 percent of the overall campus/district rating, while the scaled score earned on Closing the Gaps will contribute 30 percent.  In 2018, for each of the four areas and overall, campuses will recieve ratings of Met Standard or Improvement Required, and districts will receive grades of A-F. Starting in 2019, campuses and districts will both receive grades of A-F in each of the four areas, and overall. 

Rating Labels:
Districts - 2018 and Beyond
Campuses and District - 2019 and Beyond
Scaled Score
Ranges for
Domains and
Overall Ratings
Rating Labels
Exemplary Performance 90-100 Met Standard
B  Recognized 80-89
C  Satisfactory 70-79
D  In Need of Improvement 60-69
F  Unsatisfactory < 60 Improvement

The following reports are available for each campus: Accountability Summary and Distinction Designations.