Texas’ student assessment program (STAAR) is designed to measure the extent to which a student has learned and is able to apply the defined knowledge and skills at each tested grade or course level.

Accommodations for students with disabilities provide students with effective and equitable access to grade-level or course curriculum. For the purpose of statewide assessments, students needing accommodations include:

  • Students with an identified disability who receive special education services and meet established eligibility criteria for certain accommodations

  • Students with an identified disability who receive Section 504 services and meet established eligibility criteria for certain accommodations.

  • Students with a disabling condition who do not receive special education or Section 504 services but meet established eligibility criteria for certain accommodations.

For students who receive Section 504 services, the decision for a student to use accommodations during the statewide assessments is made by the Section 504 Committee and must meet the specific eligibility criteria for the specific accommodations chosen as indicated by the Texas Education Agency.  

Although a student may meet the eligibility criteria, accommodations must be practiced and utilized regularly in the classroom. The accommodation must also be proven as effective for the student.

Understanding the basic principles of accommodations helps ensure their appropriate use in all educational settings. For additional information about accommodations on state testing, please visit the TEA website: 

 Information about 504 Accommodations for Standardized Testing


 **Breaking News College Board’s New Simplified Guidelines for Test Accommodations Start Jan 1, 2017**

This change directly affects Middle and High School, but Elementary should be aware in the event parents have questions about future accommodations. You should be aware of this game changing new policy at any grade level. It makes it even more essential that appropriate accommodations are documented in students 504 and IEP plans. The accommodations that will be automatically approved under this new policy include extended time, extra or extended breaks, the use of a computer to type essays or short-answer responses, the use of a four-function calculator, and the use of a reader or a scribe, said Zachary Goldberg, a spokesman for the College Board.

According to the College Board - Under this new policy, school testing accommodation coordinators need to answer only two questions when submitting most requests for students: “Is the requested accommodation(s) in the student’s plan?” and “Has the student used the accommodation(s) for school testing?” If the answer is yes to both questions, eligible students can be approved to receive most accommodations on College Board exams.” - This new process is expected to reduce the approval time and cut back greatly on additional documentation submissions for an overwhelming majority of accommodation requests.

AISD Student on KXAN news talking about new college board changes: