Eligibility for Section 504 Services

Eligibility for Services

According to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, to be eligible for services and protection against discrimination, a student must be determined, as a result of an evaluation, to have a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities. A student does not have to demonstrate “educational need” to be supported by Section 504 of the Rehabiltiation Act.

Eligibility is determined by the Campus 504 Committee via a review of records, documentation, and information about a student. This can include, but is not limited to, evaluations from the school, psychological records or evaluations, school records, medical information, classroom data, and parent and teacher input.

If determined eligible by the 504 committee, an accommodation plan will be considered, and if needed developed, with input from the 504 Committee members.

The 504 committee is composed of a team of individuals, knowledgable about the student, the evaluation, and the placement options. 

Although it is Austin ISD policy that the parent is invited to the meeting, the Section 504 statute indicates parents are not required members. Austin ISD also encourages students to attend 504 meetings, as they often have valuable information and insight into the accommodations that will be most helpful and appropriate to access the curriculum.