Accommodations on State Testing and College Entrance Exams

State Testing (STAAR)

Texas’ student assessment program (STAAR) is designed to measure the extent to which a student has learned and is able to apply the defined knowledge and skills at each tested grade or course level.

Accommodations for students with disabilities provide students with effective and equitable access to grade-level or course curriculum, as well as demonstration of proficiency on classroom and statewide assessments. For the purpose of statewide assessments, students needing accommodations include:

  • Students with an identified disability who receive special education or Section 504 services and meet established eligibility criteria for certain accommodations

  • Students with a disabling condition who do not receive special education or Section 504 services but meet established eligibility criteria for certain accommodations.

For students who receive special education or Section 504 services, the decision for a student to use accommodations during the statewide assessments is made by either an ARD or Section 504 Committee and must meet the specific eligibility criteria for the specific accommodations chosen as indicated by the Texas Education Agency. Although a student may meet the eligibility criteria, accommodations must be practiced and utilized regularly in the classroom. Understanding the basic principles of accommodations helps ensure their appropriate use in all educational settings. For additional information about accommodations on state testing through Section 504, please visit the TEA website: Information About 504 Accommodations for Standardized Testing

Of note, students with an identified disability who receive Section 504 services MUST meet all state requirements for grade promotion (Student Success Initiative) and graduation requirements (End of Course STAAR).

Accommodations for College Entrance Exams

College Board (SAT, PSAT, AP)

Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for accommodations on College Board exams. Before students with disabilities can take the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT10, or Advanced Placement exams with accommodations-such as extended time or the use of a computer-their request for accommodations must be approved by Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) through the College Board. AISD-enrolled students and families may work with their campus SSD coordinator to make the request for accommodations through the College Board SSD Online system.