Don’t let hackers compromise your account and steal your information.  Did you know that e-mail is the most dangerous source of IT breaches in almost every organization?  IT security (and your bank account) depends on us!  Follow the 5 tips below to safely read your e-mail:

  • Beware of suspicious links and e-mails.  Always check the sender’s e-mail address--not just the name shown!
  • Don’t automatically reply to e-mails that appear urgent, especially if it’s to change passwords or buy something.  Double check to verify who is sending it!
  • AISD will NEVER ask for your personal information or passwords via e-mail!
  • Remember that internet links are based from the last word before “.com”, so is not from Google, it’s part of!
  • Be extremely skeptical of file attachments.

Please view examples of phishing (fake e-mailing).