Surveys & Research at Austin ISD

Two of the ways that Austin ISD serves its community are through administering surveys and conducting research - the former to collect feedback data from families, students, and employees and the latter to use external resources to improve Austin ISD.

Spring Survey Data Highlights Coming Soon!

Austin ISD surveys are conducted through Panorama throughout the year. The most common of these are the Climate Surveys given to families, students, and staff. After this information is collected it is cleaned, disaggregated, and used to inform district and campus leadership with the intent to enact informed change.

Austin ISD supports high quality research that addresses well-informed research questions that directly impacts stakeholders at Austin ISD. It is important to note that the district has moral and legal obligations which require oversight of any research occurring that makes use of district resources such as data, facilities, employee time, or access to students.

While the expectations of the researcher are more intricate than these steps listed, these are the main milestones of the research process protocols.

  1. AISD receives application materials from external researcher
  2. Coordinator and Review Board arrives at decision on application 
  3. Appropriate paperwork is submitted, filed (PRAP, DSA, consent forms etc.) 
  4. Research is conducted via approved on-campus study or database pull
  5. Researcher submits a 1 - 2 page executive summary to

Note: Eternal research proposals must demonstrate clear and direct educational value to Austin ISD and not just to the profession of education in general. They must also be minimally disruptive to the educational process. These two areas are foundational to the approval of research projects moving forward.

Austin ISD will make all attempts to prioritize and support current AISD staff with their educational research needs.

Notice: The district is committed to supporting our current employee’s graduate research requests, and will do so as much as our capacity allows. All external research requests are reviewed by a content review committee.


2024-2025 External Research Calendar

Request Type Submission Deadline
Campus Research Request June 2, 2024
Data Research Request November 1, 2024

Recent Publications

CARES Evaluation Summary, 2021-2022

This evaluation summary describes the activities and impact of the CARES team in Austin ISD 2021–22. CARES stands for Customer-focused, Action-oriented, Responsive, Empathetic, and Service-driven. The team’s work began four years ago when CARES was formed. Their purpose and implementation work aligned with the district’s strategic plan to foster a positive and equitable organizational culture. Examples of CARES’ activities include giving RAVEs (Recognizing All Valuable Employees), providing training, responding to requests for help from the AISD community, and monitoring campus climate data.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Analysis Scorecard Report, 2020-2021

This report summarizes the results of the CTE Program Analysis Scorecard for the 2020–2021 school year. The CTE Program Analysis Scorecard results focus on three components of program outcomes: (a) program alignment, (b) quality of instruction, and (c) access and equity. Program outcomes provide information about program effectiveness and help to facilitate decisions about program implementation and improvement.