Austin ISD surveys are conducted through Panorama throughout the year. The most common of these are the biannual Climate Surveys given to families, students, and staff. After this information is collected it is cleaned, disaggregated, and used to inform district and campus leadership of the issues of the day with the intent to enact informed change.

Austin ISD is supporting the development of SEL skills by surveying students to understand their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Panorama Campus Survey

The following information is currently available:

  • Spring 2024: Climate survey results (staff, Central Office, student, and families)
  • Fall 2023: Climate survey results (staff only)
  • Spring 2023: Climate survey results (staff, student, and families)
  • Fall 2022: Climate survey results (staff only)
  • Spring 2022: Climate survey results (staff, student, and families)

Panorama Education complies with all applicable federal laws, including FERPA and COPPA, as well as state and local regulations concerning student data. Parents who prefer that their child not take part in the SEL screener should notify your school’s administrator to opt out of taking the surveys.

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning (SEL) describes the mindsets, skills, attitudes, and feelings that help students succeed in school, career, and life. SEL focuses on how motivation, social connectedness, and self-regulation enable every student to learn and thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was this assessment developed?

The Panorama Social-Emotional Learning Survey was developed under the leadership of Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, currently Vice Dean & Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Education and director of research at Panorama Education. Dr. Gehlbach and his research team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education followed a rigorous survey development process consisting of literature reviews, focus groups, feedback from experts around the country, cognitive interviews with students, and multiple rounds of piloting and refinement.

Does my child have to take the survey?

No. Prior to administration, AISD will send out on how to opt their child out of the Climate Survey.

Are any questions required for students to complete the survey?

No. All questions are optional for students, and they may skip items.

Addition of Questions on the Panorama Survey

For any AISD departmental staff looking to add a question to the Panorama climate surveys sent out to families, campus staff, students, teachers, or HQ staff please use this link to access the Question Addition Request Form.

Any requests for additional questions on the climate survey will be subject to review by the Panorama Climate Survey team in the Governmental Relations & Board Services Department. Approvals will be made based on timing, capacity of survey, duplication of already available information, and other factors. The submitting department’s Chief will be contacted with any pertinent follow up.