Key Terms

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Reinvention Roadmap
A visual depiction of the School Changes Process.
Planning Region
A geographic area defined by a group of attendance areas. Each scenario will be tied to a planning region. Each planning region is expected to comprise eight to 15 schools.
A solution that outlines changes for each school within a given planning region.
Scenario Option
A potential solution for exploration that outlines the changes for each school within a given planning region.
Scenario Recommendation
Administration’s recommended solution for each school within a given planning region presented to the board of trustees for consideration.
Affected Facility
Any school within a scenario that may experience a change, including:
  • Additional educational programming and services.
  • Shared use with community partners.
  • Receiving or re-assigning students.
  • Facility improvements.
  • Site enhancements.
  • Consolidation or closures.
Campus Repurposing
Any school facility considered for consolidation or closure may be repurposed for:
  • District use
  • Public benefit
  • Private sale (one-time) or lease (long-term).
  • To generate revenue.
The process the district will follow to develop and analyze regional scenarios.
Case Study
A research method performed before implementing a large-scale study. It involves an in-depth, detailed examination of the methodology to help identify questions and select types of measurement prior to developing scenarios.
Reinvention Guiding Principles
The guiding principles reflect Austin ISD’s values that guide decision-making as the district reimagines the use and alignment of its assets.
A circumstance, fact, or condition that will contribute to the evaluation of a scenario to ensure alignment with guiding principles.
Regional Goals
A set of targets, informed by community input, that the district will use to evaluate the opportunity of each scenario.