Repurposing Anita Ferrales Coy Facility



The Anita Ferrales Coy Facility—formerly known as the John T. Allan Facility and renamed in 2018—is situated on an almost 18 acre site in East Austin. The facility is currently home to the district’s Alternative Learning Center (ALC).

The ALC is an Austin ISD school that provides additional support to students who need to attend for a variety of reasons, including social and discipline challenges. Some students attend after a community-based incident. The ALC team provides academic instruction, reading intervention programs and character education to help students modify inappropriate behavior, achieve academically and develop social skills to succeed at their home schools and in their communities and families.

In addition, the facility houses long-time Austin ISD partners such as AVANCE-Austin, VELA and Urban Roots. The site also features athletic fields and outdoor play areas. 
In 2019, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees made a commitment to work with communities and partners to develop plans for the repurposing of underutilized sites, which included the Coy site.

Current Status

On November 16, 2023, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the district entering into an exclusive agreement with The NRP Group, the selected development partner for the Coy site Review the agenda item.

The focus for this site will be on workforce and affordable housing as well as other community benefits.

By working with an experienced housing development partner for the Coy site and leveraging the value of district-owned land through a long-term ground lease, the district can achieve the following:

  • Deliver high quality housing that is affordable for new and experienced teachers, district staff and families to support both attraction/retention of culturally proficient professionals and enrollment growth.
  • Provide a modernized facility for the Alternative Learning Center that supports state of the art instruction, while addressing cultural identities and safety, to better serve our students.


The cost of living in Austin has risen dramatically over the past several years and as Austin ISD employees continue to move further out, they experience growing transportation expenses. Additionally, as families are priced out of Austin, enrollment at our schools drops, which puts a strain on our school budgets. 

The partnership with The NRP Group offers an opportunity to deliver high quality housing that is affordable for district staff and families. 

This partnership supports our goal to attract and retain culturally proficient professionals and to maintain or increase enrollment. The ability to live within the Austin city limits could allow district teachers and staff to be part of the same community as the students and families they serve. 

In addition, the district will use revenue generated from the site to construct a new facility for the Alternative Learning Center. 

No, Austin ISD is committed to maintaining ownership of the land. The district will enter into a long-term ground lease with our development partner, The NRP Group. 

A ground lease is an agreement in which a tenant (NRP), is permitted to develop a piece of property during the lease period, after which the land and all improvements are turned over to the property owner (Austin ISD). 

There is no cost to Austin ISD. The district will lease the land to our development partner, which gives them the right to build the housing onsite. Our development partner will be solely responsible for the cost of constructing, managing and operating the housing and associated amenities. 

No. Austin ISD values its employees and aims to set the standard in Central Texas with its comprehensive compensation and benefits package. All construction, management and operations of the planned housing will be funded by The NRP Group. It will not require use of Austin ISD funds.

Over the past two years, Austin ISD hosted a series of community meetings and various input opportunities. Community members and stakeholders shared their community needs and provided ideas for how the Coy site could best respond to those needs. Austin ISD also conducted a survey of all staff to gather information about employees’ experience with housing in Austin. The community around Coy expressed broad support for building affordable housing on this site. 

Community presentations and meeting notes can be found on the repurposing Events page and summary reports of the community engagement can be found on the Submit Your Ideas page. 

Visit to learn more about the repurposing process. 

On November 16, 2023, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the district enter into an exclusive development agreement for the Coy site with The NRP Group

NRP has been the leader in public-private housing partnerships across the State of Texas. Working with local governments and nonprofits, they have delivered nearly 30,000 affordable, mixed income, and market rate units in Texas.

On March 23, 2023, the Austin ISD Board of Trustees unanimously passed a resolution to direct the Interim Superintendent to identify a development partner for the Coy site. 

In June 2023, the District sought proposals from qualified and experienced real estate developers to redevelop the Coy site into a new mixed-income residential community offering housing that is affordable for our teachers, staff and families, as well as the community at large. Click here to review the request for proposal (RFP).

Proposals were received from fourteen firms. The NRP Group was selected in November 2023.

No, Austin ISD will not act as the landlord. The NRP Group will be responsible for the construction, operations and maintenance of the buildings and green spaces. NRP will serve as the landlord and property manager while Austin ISD maintains ownership of the land.

No, the rental housing will be an option for Austin ISD teachers and staff but will not be mandatory. It will simply be a housing option for employees to consider. 

No, people do not need to be employed by Austin ISD to rent one of the apartments. However, Austin ISD teachers and staff will be given priority when the apartments become available to lease. Ultimately the housing will be open to the general public in full compliance with all state and federal fair housing laws. 

No, a person’s employment status with Austin ISD will not impact their apartment lease or monthly rent. Regardless of employment status, all renters must meet defined income requirements.

Based on a preliminary concept plan, The NRP Group expects to build approximately 519 apartments that will be split between two buildings. The final number of units will be determined over the coming months as NRP completes its due diligence on the site and design work. 

Based on a preliminary concept plan as of November 2023, there will be approximately 302 one-bedroom apartments, 184 two-bedroom apartments and 33 three-bedroom apartments. 

Austin ISD has placed an emphasis on family-sized apartments (two or more bedrooms). Under this preliminary concept plan, an estimated 42% of the apartments will be family-sized. 

The final mix of apartments will be determined over the coming months as The NRP Group completes its due diligence on the site and design work. 

Once construction begins, websites will be launched by The NRP Group with information on the unit types, rents and application process. Leasing staff will also be available as the buildings near completion. In the interim, community members will be able to sign up to receive periodic updates on the status of the project.

At least 50% of the apartments will be income restricted, meaning that the annual household income of residents cannot exceed income limits set by the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. Information on these limits and qualifications will be available online and in-person as construction begins. 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits that determine eligibility. HUD develops income limits based on Median Family Income estimates and Fair Market Rent area definitions for each metropolitan area, parts of some metropolitan areas and each non-metropolitan county.

Check your annual household income against the current income limits (effective June 15, 2023) for HOME and CDBG Federal Eligibility Income Limits (PDF) respectively set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The limits are based on the HUD median family income in the Austin-Round Rock area. 

Learn more about HUD's methodology for setting income limits, or read more about rent and income limits issued by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Information about how to calculate your annual household income can also be found on the City of Austin website

No, all the housing built on the Coy site will be rental apartments. Austin ISD is exploring opportunities to provide home ownership opportunities elsewhere to teachers and staff. Information about teacher housing programs, homebuyer assistance and more can be found in the district’s Housing Resources for Employees.

The apartment buildings will be designed to be top of the line, Class-A facilities. Numerous amenities will be available to building residents including community lounges, resort-style pools and fitness centers. Some will be exclusive for residents while additional amenities will be open to the public. Public amenities on the conceptual plan include significant park and greenspace, public art and commercial space for a childcare provider. Final plans will be determined at a later time as the site's due diligence and community engagement evolves. 

Project planning is already underway. Based on a preliminary timeline, Austin ISD estimates that construction will start in the Summer of 2025. 

The NRP Group is planning a phased approach to construction. Based on a preliminary timeline, the first apartment building will open late 2027 and the second apartment building will open in 2030. This timeline is subject to change during the design and permitting process. 

As part of the repurposing of the Coy site, Austin ISD will build a new facility for the Alternative Learning Center that is responsive to student needs and meets the current educational specifications.

The safety of Austin ISD students and staff during construction is our top priority. The district is working closely with The NRP Group on a phased approach to construction, which will allow ALC staff and students to remain onsite while the new facility is being constructed. This will help minimize disruptions. 

In order to achieve this, it may be necessary to relocate, or “swing” students and staff into portable buildings on site. A swing space location will be determined early in the design process and will involve community feedback on the available options.

Project planning is already underway. Based on a preliminary timeline, Austin ISD estimates that construction will start in the Summer 2025. This timeline is subject to change during the design and permitting process. 

Based on a preliminary timeline, the district estimates the new Alternative Learning Center will open in Fall 2027. This timeline is subject to change during the design and permitting process. 

Based on a preliminary concept plan, ample parking will be provided in two parking garages that are wrapped by the residential buildings and will not be visible to area residents or others passing by on Mansell Avenue, Gonzales Street and Shady Lane.

Surface parking will be provided in two key locations—adjacent to the Alternative Learning Center and along the development’s central “main street.” In total, 1,080 vehicle parking spaces and 59 bicycle spaces are planned.

The site is constrained by floodplain, a critical water quality zone and heritage trees. By designating the undevelopable spaces as greenspace, The NRP Group will make the best of these environmental constraints with several acres designated as greenspace and open to the public at large.

The preliminary concept plan includes new soccer fields and a park at the northeast end of the site. This area can be programmed and built out with a playground, dog park, walking path and sports equipment as allowed by the City of Austin and as desired by the neighborhood.

During construction, access to the existing outdoor green space and amenities might be limited to ensure the safety and security of staff, students and community members. 

Energy efficiency, resource conservation, occupant health, long-term durability and protection of the local environment are The NRP Group’s top priorities for the design and operation of the proposed development. The design team specializes in cost-efficient, high-performance buildings with a long track record of creating on-budget affordable housing that outperforms standard multi-family construction in terms of sustainability criteria.

NRP aims to receive a 2-star minimum rating with Austin Energy Green Building and it typically seeks a National Green Building Standard (NGBS) certification. 

Read more about NRP’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies.

Since The NRP Group is the building entity, Austin ISD defers to NRP’s mission.

NRP’s mission is to create exceptional multifamily rental communities for individuals and families, regardless of income. To further that mission, NRP looks for every opportunity to uplift and improve the economic health of the communities—both directly and indirectly—by promoting the inclusion of diverse vendors and suppliers in the design and development of each building project. 

NRP has extensive experience working with Historically Underutilized Businesses/ Minority-Owned Businesses/Women-Owned Businesses (HUB/MBE/WBE) both in the greater Austin area as well as across Texas.
Read more about NRP’s supplier diversity initiative.

Key Information

  • 4900 Gonzales St.,
    Austin, TX 78702
  • Property ID: 190007
  • Lot Size: 19.84 acres
  • Building Size: 112,679 SF
  • Year Built: 1953
  • Parking: 72 stalls
  • Zoning: P-NP