Off-Campus Physical Education

The Austin ISD Off-Campus Physical Education Program accommodates students who are pursuing high-level skills in a specific activity that exceeds what the school district can offer through the general physical education program. OCPE allows students in seventh through 12th grade to earn credits that meet the district and state physical education requirements. Only agencies that have been trained and have received the AISD OCPE curriculum can provide OCPE credit.

Students in OCPE are expected to be physically educated and physically active. They are expected to demonstrate skill development, learned physical activity, health concepts and social development. These skills and knowledge are tested through participation in their selected physical activity and written and tested assignments that are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Physical Education.

To Apply for Austin ISD Off-Campus Physical Education Program

OCPE Student Information and Application

  •  Student Application (4-signatures) and the Release of Liability form must be completed, or the application will not be approved.
  • Deadline Dates for student applications.  Late applications will not be accepted:
    •  Fall semester: Due by May 15
    • Spring semester: Due by Nov 15
  • Student applications can be submitted via email to
  •  Exceptions will be made for newly enrolled students up to a week prior to the 1st day of each semester
  • Additional Physical Education information may be found in the Secondary Student Information Guide


  •  OCPE Agency applications are closed on May 1 each year to ensure time for application processing and training
    • The approval process includes evidence of CPR/AED/First Aid Certification, Criminal History Background Check, and Agency Insurance
    • Each Agency Coordinator must also be trained in the PE curriculum, taking attendance, and grading
  • Agencies may contact to get additional information regarding the approval process


OCPE Approved Agency List 2021-22

Agency Activity Agency Coordinator Phone Email
Align Pilates, Bar, Kickboxing Brooke Bowersock 512-731-7767
Anderson Boys Lacrosse (HS Spring) Lacrosse Zach Kurzweil 512-841-7795
Anderson Girls Lacrosse (HS Spring) Lacrosse Alexandra Ross 512-308-7752
Austin Aikikai Aikido Martial Arts Vincent Hauser 512-970-9575
Austin Bouldering Project (Spring Only) Rock Climbing Amanda Orach 512-645-4633
Austin Elite Gymnastics Theresa Hillin 512-970-8838
Austin Women's Boxing Club Women’s Boxing & Martial Arts Ashley Bazan 512-695-9650
Austin Rowing Club Rowing Jeff Tyrrel 512-472-0726
Crenshaw Athletic Club Gymnastics Gil Elsas 512-453-5551
Bowie Girls Lacrosse (HS Spring) Lacrosse Emma Coghill 512-414-2584
Great Hills Aquatics Rush Swimming Samantha Stemmermann 512-801-0119
Journey Martial Arts Martial Arts Darlene Khosrowpour 512-670-9716
Kuk Sool Won of Oak Martial Arts Barbara Weiss 512-899-8710
Longhorn Aquatics, Diving & Water Polo Swimming/Diving/Water Polo Bridgette Rhoades 512-471-5576
Nitro Swim – Bee Cave Swimming Raven Chastain 512-739-2708
One World Karate     Karate Sayagyi Dan 512-791-9327
Polo Tennis Club Tennis Mike MacVay 512-829-4340
South West Austin Tennis Tennis Kevin Clark 512-788-2777
Tae Kwon Do Plus Tae Kwon Do Richard Johnson 512-280-0899
Texas Fencing Academy Fencing Jennifer Lee 512-496-9022
Texas Rowing Center Rowing Falesha Thrash 512-467-7799
Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Oak Hill Martial Arts Frank Maddox 512-731-5425
Western Hills Aquatics Swimming Jimmy Bynum 512-327-9001 coachjimmybynum@gmail
Westwood Aquatics Swimming Trey Kohlhausen 512-431-0488
Yamakan Self-Defense School Self-Defense/Martial Arts Kyle Cowand 512-826-6610
Your Yoga Yoga Dixie Metz 512-797-8496

The AISD OCPE approved agency list is full for the 2021–2022 school year.  For more information about becoming an approved OCPE agency or to be added to the OCPE waitlist, please call 512-414-4903