Physical Education & Health

Welcome to the Physical Education & Health Department

The Austin ISD Physical Education and Health Department inspires students to make healthy decisions, develop social skills and pursue lifelong physical fitness.

To support the development of the whole child, all AISD campuses participate in the Coordinated School Health initiative. CSH advances student academic performance by helping students  establish healthy behaviors designed to last their lifetime.

Please be advised that an age-appropriate human sexuality and responsibility unit focusing on health, safety and well-being is also taught to Austin ISD K-12 students. HSR lessons are taught to those students in grades K-12 whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) have provided written permission by way of the opt-in or permission letter. This letter is sent home by the student’s campus leadership or classroom teacher three weeks prior to the beginning of the HSR unit. Implementation is slated to take place annually in November/December, with students enrolled in the spring semester of high school health receiving it in April/May. Please visit the human sexuality and responsibility webpage for more information.

Physical activity limitation information

Some students may be exempt from all or some physical activities based on their individual needs. To be exempt from any physical activities, including the Fitnessgram assessment, a student must submit the restricted physical activity student report (Spanish) or submit other formal documentation completed by a member of the healing arts licensed to practice in Texas. Students will be required to learn the physical education TEKS through accommodations and/or modifications.