Beginning of the Year Parent/Guardian Notification Letter

This letter is to notify parents and legal guardians that an age-appropriate human sexuality and responsibility unit focusing on conscious, healthy, and respectful choices will be taught to all Austin ISD students. The unit is taught to students in kindergarten through high school in the months of November/December and during the months of April/May for students enrolled in the high school health education course for the Spring semester. Lessons for all grade levels have been revised for the 2022-2023 school year to meet the updated health TEKS and new state laws.

Family Permission Letters

Parents and legal guardians will receive a Permission Letter at least three weeks before the Human Sexuality and Responsibility instruction begins. In this permission letter, parents and legal guardians will be asked to choose from three options:

  1. Opt-in to all lessons
  2. Opt-in for individual lessons, or
  3. Opt-out of all lessons.

As an opt-in or opt-out permission letter, teachers will be asking to get a letter returned for every student, regardless of the decision made. Teachers may use incentives to get the forms returned but they may not incentivize any option over another. Students who opt-out will be provided with alternative instruction and “shall not be punished or embarrassed in any manner for non-participation” (EHAALocal). Students who do not return a form will not be provided any of these lessons. Those interested in viewing the alternate lessons must contact individual schools for more information.

Non-district resources for talking to your kids about human sexuality

AISD believes parents and families are the most important people that should talk to their children regarding human sexuality. As stated in EHAA (Local) Policy, “The District shall serve as a resource for parents and families for sexuality education. The District may offer seminars for parents or guardians that support and encourage their active involvement in the sexuality education of their children.” Please see the following link for this non-exhaustive list of parent and family resources.