District Facility Renaming FAQ

Q: What district site names are being changed?

A: On November 13, 2017, the board discussed renaming five district sites. They include John T. Allan Facility, Zachary Taylor Fulmore Middle School, Sydney Lanier Early College High School, John H. Reagan Early College High School and Eastside Memorial Early College High School at the Johnston Campus (Albert Sidney Johnston).

Q: Why is the district changing the names of these sites?

A: A name shall not be considered and shall be removed from District facilities if it comes to the attention of the Board that the named individual, group, or organization is not in compliance with the District’s core beliefs and values. Unless a school is repurposed or a programmatic change has been made, an officially named property shall not be eligible for renaming until 50 years after the date of the official naming or if the renaming is prohibited by law.

Q: Can district facilities be renamed?

A: Yes. The Superintendent or designee is responsible for bringing forward, for Board consideration and action, any proposal to name or rename a facility or an existing part of the central office or a campus support facility. 

Q: What is the process for changing a district facility name?

A: Board Policy CW lays out the process for changing the name of a district facility.

Q: Where can I go to get more information on facility name changes?

A: Please refer to Board Policy CW for more information.

Q: What happens to the former facility namesake?

A: In the case of renaming, an appropriate use of the former name should be determined before the change is made.

Q: Has the district changed any facility names recently?

A: Following a public process and consideration of new names, the Board formally renamed Russell Lee Elementary at the May 23, 2016 Regular Board Meeting.

Q: I would like to give feedback on the process. How can I do that?

A: We deeply value community feedback in district decision-making. Please submit your comments on the contact form.