School Renaming Transitions for the 2019–20 School Year

Austin ISD is planning and implementing name transitions for four schools and sites, all to officially transition to their new name for the 2019–20 school year.

  • John T. Allan Facility will become the Anita Ferrales Coy Facility
  • Zachary T. Fulmore Middle School will become Sarah B. Lively Middle School
  • Sidney Lanier Early College High School will become Juan Navarro Early College High School
  • John H. Reagan Early College High School will become Northeast Early College High School

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the name transition happen?
    New names will be officially used starting in fall 2019. Planning started this spring and construction and replacements will happen throughout the summer. The name transition is based on the academic year and not the fiscal year. Current seniors will graduate under the old name. Summer graduates will also graduate under the old name. 

  2. What about school colors? School mascots? School songs and motto?
    Each school can reassess its colors, mascots, songs and motto but this was not part of the board decision or administrative ask. Any new choices can be a good opportunity for students currently attending, just as some alumni have had the chance to create and choose these items when they first attended school. Schools may assess on a case-by-case basis and work closely with administration on these decisions. As far as administration is aware, no school is changing its colors.

  3. How much funding is available?
    Construction management is assessing the actual cost of replacing district-made signs at each school. The district will work as closely and as effectively as possible to budget needed expenses. Some items may need to be phased out over time.
  4. Will artifacts with the old namesake be thrown away or sold?
    • All items with the old namesake that are taken down or replaced will be archived and will not be thrown away or sold. Library media services staff will help with this process. 
    • Items that involve student and school accomplishments, such as trophies or banners of athletic or scholastic achievements, can remain displayed.
    • Items that feature the namesake or are symbols of the Confederacy cannot remain displayed. For example, a portrait or a statue/bust of the namesake cannot be on display.
    • Dedication plaques will remain in place, such as stone dedication plaques with namesake. If dedication plaques are integrated into a marquee or school sign, construction management will assess if there is a way to install the new name on that part of the dedication. Space for a future dedication plaque for the new name can be considered.
    • Some artifacts will require contextualization to be left on display and will require coordination with Library Media Services and academics for messaging displayed with artifacts.
    • No items are to be given away or thrown out. All items should be inventoried and stored if they are not to remain on display.