In Austin ISD, we embrace a culture of positive relationships through creating exceptional customer service experiences for all. To support staff in accomplishing this goal, the district developed guiding principles – AISD CARES: Customer-Focused, Action-Oriented, Responsive, Empathetic, and Service-Driven. A brief definition of each principle is provided below.

We want to recognize those who go above and beyond in their service to others. The Recognizing All Valuable Employees or RAVE Program was established to publicly honor those who exemplify the highest level of customer service. If you had an exceptional experience interacting with an Austin ISD employee on the phone or visiting an Austin ISD site, please nominate that staff member by completing the form below.

Refer to the explanations of CARES principles if you have questions while completing the form.

I would like to RAVE about
Which of the five CARES principles did the above-named staff member demonstrate?
Courteous and professional, considerate, cooperative and helpful; makes all customers a priority; welcomes customers with a smile and a friendly greeting; personally accountable for providing positive customer experiences; and when possible, finds a private space to discuss a customer’s concerns.
Listens to and acts upon customers’ needs; assists customers in defining their needs; strives to exceed all customers’ expectations; and, if not certain of the answer, takes the initiative to find the answer.
Provides prompt and accurate responses; exhibits clear and consistent communication; informs customers of anticipated timeline for response when an immediate answer is not available; and follows up to ensure completion and satisfaction.
Listens attentively without distractions; relates to customers with understanding and acknowledges their concern; expresses a sincere desire to help; doesn't take it personally; and makes the customer feel valued and heard.
Looks for ways to “wow” our customers by exceeding their expectations and develops a mindset for serving customers.