Austin ISD Tuition-Based Pre-K

Tuition-Based Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 Registration Forms 2021-22

Parent Instructions Packet
Pre-K3 Tuition Parent Agreement and Pre-K3 Option Form
Pre-K4 Tuition Parent Agreement and Pre-K4 Option Form

Please Review Registration Process Below

 The 2022-23 tuition process has changed. The tuition application is being converted into a digital format. Once it has been converted, we will be emailing it to those families who are not eligible for the free Pre-K but who are interested in the tuition-based program. These emails will be sent out in the order the Eligibility Screener Application was received. Tuition applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis and no lottery will be held. The email will come from

For Tuition Questions: Email us.

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What are the benefits of Tuition-Based Pre-K?

  • Taught by certified teachers specialized in working with young children
  • Child-centered, hands-on learning experiences 
  • Develops children physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally
  • Full-day, Pre-K for four year olds (7:45 a.m.–3 p.m.). Please contact the campus for actual bell times.

What is the cost of Tuition-Based Pre-K?



Semester 1

Semester 2


Pre-K4 Full-day 





Pre-K3 Half-day 





Tuition is payable the following ways: 

  • Full annual amount in advance—check or bank draft
  • Each semester in advance—check or bank draft 
  • Every month through automatic bank draft only 

Where will my child attend Pre-K?

  • A family may choose to apply to any campus in Austin ISD that offers Tuition-Based Pre-K. 
  • If the selected campus is not the zoned home school, a transfer must be requested. Find Your School based on home address.
  • Download transfer application available in English and Spanish.
  • If the campus is frozen, the transfer application will be subject to all the provisions of the AISD Transfer Policy
    • If the transfer is approved and the campus is not frozen to transfers at kindergarten, a child may remain at that same transferred campus to the highest grade level offered. 
    • If the PK transfer is approved but the campus is frozen to transfers in Kindergarten, your child will either return to their home school for Kindergarten or you may choose to apply for another transfer which will be subject to all the provisions of the AISD transfer policy.