Austin ISD's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 

Helping to take care of the emotional needs of all AISD employees and your loved ones.  

Life Happens. AISD wants our employees to BE WELL and sometimes that means needing services and resources to help mantain a balanced and well life. 

All EAP services are available 24/7, 100% FREE and CONFIDENTIAL for any AISD employee. 


Contact 1-800-962-9480 to access any of the EAP services.


Revive EAP gives employees access to the following services;

Counseling Support

Attend 4 counseling services, per issue per year, with a 

licensed network professional at no cost. Talk to a counselor about

what's on your mind, - stress, relationships, mood

issues and more. Counseling sessions are avilable face to face, 

by phone or by televideo. Whatever is most convenient for you. 

Legal & Financial Support

 30 minute consultation with a licensed attorney, legal representative,

or financial expert about issues; such as, estate planning, family and 

domestic issues, budgeting, credit and more. Talk about your options. 

Then receive 25% discount on any services needed longer-term.

 Daily Life Assistance 

 Let the EAP specialists help solve everyday issues and guidance with help finding

child care, care for older adults, home repair and improvement, household services, 

caregiver support, and more. 

 Online Resources

 Check out video resouces, articles, assessments, webinars and more. 

visit Username: AISD Password: EAP


PDF Summary of EAP Benefits

EAP En Espanol