Dual Credit & Articulated Credit

Earning dual credit or articulated credit is a great way for students to enhance their CTE experience. Students participating in these courses earn college credit for little or no cost and they get a jumpstart on their postsecondary education.

Dual credit courses are college courses that students take while they are in high school. Dual credit courses may be offered on high school campuses, at higher education institutions that partner with AISD or through an approved distance-learning program.

To enroll in dual credit, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the sophomore year of high school
  • Meet with an AISD counselor prior to beginning the dual credit process
  • Meet Texas Success Initiative standards and course prerequisites prior to enrolling in classes
  • Complete the dual credit form and obtained the required approvals
  • Be advised by Austin Community College Dual Credit advisor or campus advisor
  • Purchase required textbooks and, if attending an ACC campus, obtain a parking permit

Articulated credit courses are high school courses which have been verified as substantially equal to introductory-level college courses. Earning articulated credit provides a way for students to start a college technical major in high school and continue in a participating postsecondary institution.
To receive articulated credit, a student must achieve a grade of 80 or above in the class, satisfactorily complete other college-required exams or portfolios, and where applicable, meet special conditions.

Austin ISD partners with Austin Community College to provide articulated courses as well as the statewide articulation agreement through Advanced Technical Credit program which partners with many community colleges around the state.