Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Career Cluster

The study of processing, production, distribution, financing and development of agricultural, agricultural commodities and natural resources.

The Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster focuses on the essential elements of life—food, water, land and air. This career cluster includes a diverse spectrum of occupations, ranging from farmer, rancher, and veterinarian to geologist, land conservationist, and florist. It also includes non-traditional agricultural occupations like wind energy, solar energy, and oil and gas production. Courses in the AFNR Career Cluster are designed to prepare learners for careers in the planning, production, processing, marketing, distribution, financing, and development of agricultural commodities, services, and natural resources, including food, fiber, wood products, water, minerals and petroleum.    

Salary and job descriptions for select careers in this cluster:

Floral Designer


Certifications Offered:

  • OSHA 10-hr. Certification (Healthcare)
  • Certified Veterinary Assistant
  • OSHA 10-hr. Certification (Agricultural)
  • OSHA 10-hr. Certification (General)
  • AWS D.1 Structural Steel
  • AWS D9.1 Sheet Metal Welding
  • Texas State Floral Association Level I
  • Texas State Floral Association Level II
  • Texas State Floral Association Floral Skills Knowledge Based 
  • Leave No Trace Certification
  • Texas Angler Education Certification 
  • Texas Hunter Education Certification 
  • CPR w/AED and First Aid Certification
  • Start Safe. Stay Safe Workplace Training Certificate
  • Heartsaver CPR/ AED First Aid
  • Certified Interpretive Guide 
  • Texas Food Handlers License 

Campuses with an Agriculture Program

CTE Programs of Study/Offered Courses

Animal Science

  • Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources 
  • Small Animal Management 
  • Equine Science 
  • Veterinary Medical Applications 
  • Advanced Animal Science 
  • Practicum in Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Livestock Production 

Applied Agricultural Engineering

  • Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource
  • Agricultural  Mechanics & Metal Technologies/Lab 
  • Agricultural  Structures Design & Fabrication/Lab
  • Practicum in Ag, Food, & Natural Resources

Plant Science

  • Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resource
  • Landscape Design & Management 
  • Turf Grass Management
  • Floral Design
  • Advanced Floral Design
  • Horticultural Science
  • Practicum in Ag, Food, & Natural Resources
  • Advanced Plant and Soil Science