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Please note that, due to a high volume of requests, the current turnaround time for projects is seven days from the date of submission. Thanks for your understanding.

Thank you for your interest in promoting an AISD event. Please note the following requirements for submitting a request:

  1. Request should be submitted at least seven business days prior to the project deadline.
  2. Project and printing budget (if applicable) must be approved by the person in your department who has approval authority.
  3. You’ve had the copy finalized, approved and translated as needed.
  4. You have secured high-resolution images (if applicable.) An image for a poster or flyer should be the original, if at all possible. Images taken from websites will be too small and could create copyright issues. ​

If you would like a consultation, please email Otherwise please complete the form below.


Communications and Community Engagement is happy to support the following types of events with promotional support:

  • AISD sponsored or co-sponsored events that are free* and open to the public.
  • Campus-community events initiated by the campus.

*Exceptions to the requirement that an event be no-cost are fine arts or athletics events that may have a ticket price. Examples of these events include the districtwide summer musicals and the Taco Shack Bowl.

Events that will not be promoted on the homepage or district calendar include:

  • Community events that occur on a campus but are solely organized by an outside nonprofit or other group.
  • Events that require a charge or fee, such as a summer camp or after-school fitness class taking place at a school.
  • Events that are not open to the public. 

If an event is taking place on a campus, and district or campus administration has decided to waive the facility use fee, that alone does not make the district a sponsor of the event.

Because homepage space is limited and highly visible, the communications team must reserve it to promote and celebrate our schools’ events and successes. For more information, please contact us at 512-414-9832.  

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