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Would you like to share the good news about your school or students with the local media? Is your campus or department hosting an newsworthy or notable event? Let us help you send a media advisory or press release.


  • Only principals or department directors can requests for press releases or media advisories.
  • A school or department must submit information on behalf of parent and student groups or district advisory groups.
  • Third-party submissions need prior approval by the Media Relations Office.
  • Content submitted will be reviewed and edited for style, format and appropriateness.
  • Please allow at least five business days for final release.
  • Releases will be reviewed for newsworthiness within the context of other events happening at AISD and throughout Austin.
  • Submission of a press release request does not guarantee its publication, nor does it guarantee media coverage of an event. 

For more information, please contact the Media Relations Department at 512-414-2414. Please do not call only for information about status of your request unless it has been more than five business days.

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Please include a short, descriptive headline that captures the essence of the release. It should be in the present tense. Example Headline: Austin’s Eighth Graders Top the Charts in Mathematics

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Please provide a description of the event, reason for release and background information.

Contact Information

Please include contact information to display with the press release. All media inquiries should be addressed by the Media Relations Office.