Multilingual Education Advisory Committee

What is the Multilingual Education Advisory Committee?

Austin ISD’s Multilingual Education Advisory Committee (MEAC) works to inform and advise the school district on matters related to students who are language learners.

The committee has three specific functions:

  • Help the school district make decisions on program planning, funding, staffing, designing, and evaluation of the district’s language programs.
  • Consult with Austin ISD about concerns, reports, and recommendations to be submitted to the Superintendent or Board of Trustees.
  • Help develop resources that educate parents, the community, and the district on issues related to students in the district's language programs.


MEAC is composed of five membership categories:

  • Parents of AISD students enrolled in the district's language programs.
  • Community representatives.Representantes de la comunidad.
  • Business representatives.
  • Administrators representing elementary and secondary levels.
  • Campus staff members, including Bilingual, ESL and world language teachers

Members 2019-20


Aileen Passariello, Sunset Valley Elementary School

Esther Williams, Small Middle School

Krystal Gomez, Becker Elementary School

Linda Santos, Galindo Elementary School

Lindsey Ip, Zilker Elementary School

Nu Chanpheng, Small Middle School

Peter Partheymuller, Lively Middle School

Shelli Hix (Co-Chair), Lively Middle School School


Danielle Sanders, Assistant Principal - Galindo Elementary School

Priscilla S. Emamian (Co-Chair), Principal - Cook Elementary School

Sarah Tannier, Assistant Principal - Lively Middle School


lanca Galvez-Perez (Bil), Andrews Elementary School

Brenda Townsend (ESL), International High School

Kim Nguyen, Summitt Elementary School

Maria Sebastian (Bil), Perez Elementary School

Mariel Early (ESL), Small Middle School

Theresa Le, Murchison Middle School

Thuy Nguyen (Bil), Summitt Elementary School

Wayne Lopes (ESL), Menchaca Elementary School

Community Representatives

Alicia Adame, Think Bilingual Austin

Angela Pak-Zia, Think Bilingual Austin

David DeMathews, University of Texas

Tracey Flores, University of Texas

Business Representatives

Maria Arabbo, E3 Alliance

Sonia Dominguez, AVANCE

Austin ISD Multilingual Education Team

David Kauffman, Executive Director

Alejandro Góngora, Assistant Director of Elementary Multilingual Education

Ana Rojas, Executive Assistant

Erin Aucoin-Barbier, World Languages Coordinator

Maria Alanis, Assistant Director of Secondary Schools

Patrick Harboure, Administrative Supervisor-Bilingual/ESL Compliance

Pedro Gonzales, Dual Language Secondary Coordinator

Austin ISD Department of Communications & Community Engagement

Leonor Vargas, Administrative Supervisor of Parent Programs


How Can I Learn More?

A standard membership application is provided in the District Advisory Bodies section. More detailed information about the MEAC is contained in the MEAC Bylaws (ENG) and MEAC Bylaws (ESP).

To join the Multilingual Education Advisory Committee or for more information, please call 512-414-4734.