Budget Stabilization Task Force

Notice: This Committee is Currently Inactive

The Budget Stabilization Task Force is a key component of the district’s strategy to address its growing budget deficit. The ad hoc advisory body will meet every two weeks over the summer and into the fall to explore a broad range of actions the district could take to balance the budget in the next two to three years.

While the work of the task force will inform potential topics of discussion, the preliminary scope of work will include:

  • Evaluating the alignment of budgetary investments and potential divestments with the district’s Strategic Plan.
  • Analyzing the Academic Return on Investment study to consider sunsetting programs/initiatives.
  • Discussing potential effects of resource reallocations and increased efficiencies.
  • Exploring ways to maximize district employee benefits and compensation
  • Exploring district revenue options.
  • The product of this work will be the development of annual deficit reduction targets and options, and a summary of findings, with rationale, for the superintendent’s consideration.

Task force membership is a combination of board nominated and non-nominated individuals with the intent of ensuring representation from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and expertise, reflective of the AISD community at large.

Task force meetings are open to the public, with dedicated time for public comment. Meeting presentations are recorded and made available on the BSTF website

The district is developing tools to provide the public with additional ways to take part in the work of the task force, and members are charged with carefully considering a broad range of community feedback.

For more detailed information, please see the BSTF charter and BSTF Guiding Principles and Criteria.

Budget Briefs

June 26: Budget Stabilization Task Force Begins Work

July 19: Task Force Appoints Tri-chairs, Receives Finance Overview 

July 30: Task Force Approves Subcommittee, Digs Into Budget Data

Aug. 27: Task Force Extends Meeting Timeline, Discusses Staffing, Equity

Sept. 18: Task Force Refocuses, Reviews Guiding Principles

Sept. 18: Task Force Discusses Potential Budgeting Actions, Began Establishing Subcommittees

Oct. 4: Task Force Breaks Into Subcommittee Work, Receives Staff Information

Oct. 17: Task Force Continues Subcommittee Work, Prepares Recommendations

Oct. 31: Task Force Subcommittees Present Work, Agree to Additional Meeting

Nov. 13: Task Force Continues Discussion on Recommendations, Presentation to Board Nov. 12

Nov. 16: Task Force Moves Toward Finalizing Recommendations

Jan. 8: Task Force Submits Final Report to Superintendent, Present to Board