Budget Briefs: Task Force Moves Toward Finalizing Recommendations

The Budget Stabilization Task Force continued its work toward finalizing recommendations at its Nov. 14 meeting. The 11th meeting of the task force was largely focused on approving language for each recommendation option to solidify a member poll.

Here are three things to know as the task force moves forward:

  1. Members reviewed the results of the preliminary staffing survey, which included the recommendations that came out of the staffing and compensation subcommittee. Notably, the subcommittee did not recommend any changes to the staff guidelines. One member suggested the Task Force should include a recommendation in the final report that emphasized that the Task Force is not in support of those options. Members agreed it was important to send a resounding message that they are not in favor of options that would have such a direct impact on teachers and the classroom and that they would like to see the district act on other budget reduction strategies instead. Members believe teachers should be better compensated and time needs to be protected due to increasing workload.
  2. Task Force members will be polled to create the data of a final report. Members have taken preliminary surveys to gauge the favorability of the concepts that came out of the subcommittees. Members were able to add comments to each item in the survey. The Nov. 14 meeting was spent discussing how to potentially incorporate those comments into the final report and voting on approved language for final recommendations.
  3. Task force members have asked tri-chairs to review comments, approve wording and moving forward with the creation of a final poll. Members will complete the final poll to inform the report and recommendations. All members will have an opportunity to review the report before the recommendations are delivered to Superintendent Paul Cruz. The Task Force is anticipated to present its recommendations as an update to the Board of Trustees in 2019.

Learn more about the presentations, questions and discussion during the meeting at the BSTF website.