Housing Resources for Employees

The ability to live within our city allows our teachers and staff to be part of the same community as their students and families, as well as provides the convenience and cost-savings of living close to where they work.

The cost of living in Austin has risen dramatically over the past several years.  This list of housing services is intended to assist our employees with options for buying or renting a home. The list is intended to be a starting point and as such is not exhaustive. Click each heading to expand. 

  • Educator Mortgage Program - Phone: (855) 720-2040
    • Mortgage lender Supreme Lending runs a special Educator Mortgage Program. This can help reduce your closing costs and real estate agent fees by up to $800 apiece — or $1,600 in total savings.
  • Good Neighbor Next Door - Phone: (202) 708-1112
    • Teachers (pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade) can contribute to community revitalization while becoming homeowners through HUD's Good Neighbor Next Door Sales Program. HUD offers a substantial incentive in the form of a discount of 50% from the list price of the home. In return, an eligible buyer must commit to live in the property for 36 months as his/her principal residence.
  • Home For Heroes - Phone: (866) 443-7637
    • Nationwide network of real estate, mortgage, and local business professionals that offer home loan discounts to select buyers.
  • Landed - Phone: (650) 451-9075
    • Landed helps essential professionals build financial security through a shared equity program they contribute up to $120-150k (depending on region) towards your down payment.
  • Teacher Next Door - Phone: (800) 989-3550
    • Offers grants, down payment assistance and other benefits to the public service professionals who serve our communities.
  • Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation - Phone: (877) 508-4611
    • TSAHC Homes for Texas Heroes Program offers home loans and down payment assistance for public school teachers and other educators who work for a public school district. 
  • Austin Area Apartment Association (AAA) interactive directory for discounts and incentives
  • Affordable Housing Online
    • Maintains a current list of open Texas Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting lists as well as info on more than 135 affordable rental housing communities containing thousands of affordable apartments across Austin. 
  • Austin Habitat for Humanity
    • Provides homeownership opportunities for low-income families and individuals.
  • Blackland Community Development Corporation
    • Provides neighborhood-targeted housing and resources for low-income families in a range of settings including single-family homes, duplexes, and an apartment complex. 
  • City of Austin Affordable Housing Search Tool
    • Contains a listing of all rental income-restricted affordable housing within the City of Austin. This includes income-restricted units from governmental agencies (Housing Authority City of Austin, Neighborhood Housing and Community Development, Housing Authority of Travis County, and the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs) and some market-rate properties that accept a large number of Housing Choice Vouchers.
  • Foundation Communities:
    • Provides an array of housing-related and social services, including rental opportunities, financial coaching, and healthy living initiatives.
  • Frameworks Community Development Corporation: 
    • Rehabilitates homes to turn them into affordable rentals for low-income families and individuals.
  • Green Doors - Phone: (512) 469-9130
    • Affordable rental housing variety of people struggling with poverty/homelessness, including veterans, persons with disabilities, and single-parent families. 
  • Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation - Phone: (512) 479-6275 
    • Affordable homeownership and rental opportunities for East Austin families.  
  • Housing Authority of the City of Austin
    • Providing public and subsidized housing rentals.
  • Mueller Foundation: 
    • Affordable homeownership opportunities in the Mueller Development. Phone: (512) 900-3683
  • Saigebrook Development LLC - Phone: (512) 383-5470 
    • Numerous affordable rental properties in town; must apply separately for the different properties.

Education & Counseling

  • Frameworks Community Development Corporation - Phone (512) 385-1500
    • Frameworks CDC educates families not only about buying a home, but keeping it through a comprehensive pre-purchase homebuyer education program utilizing the best practices of NeighborWorksAmerica®, Realizing the American Dream.
  • City of Austin Home Fraud Help
    • Homeowners can be vulnerable to predatory investors and mortgage fraud. Beware of the red flags when it comes to housing scams. Learn more about Fair Housing, home owner protections and how to take action in the face of housing discrimination. 
  • City of Austin Home Buyer Education
    • Homebuyer education classes inform first-time buyers on the following topics: money management, understanding credit, how to secure a mortgage loan and how to shop for a home. Upon completing the program, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion.
  • Clearpoint CCS - Phone: (800) 750-2227
    • A non-profit, nationwide, company that provides debt/credit counseling, debt management plans, mortgage default and foreclosure counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, pre and post bankruptcy counseling, pre and post home buying counseling, rental counseling and a whole list of financial education classes. Most of these at no cost for the community. 
  • Frameworks Community Development Corporation – Phone: (512) 385-1500
    • HUD approved agency that provides home ownership counseling and education programs.
  • BCL of Texas – Phone (512) 912-9884
    BCL is a HUD approved counseling agency dedicated to helping you achieve homeownership and build your assets. Counselors are available free of cost to help you build a customized plan to achieve homeownership. BCL also provides a homebuyer education course (with HUD approved curriculum) either online self-paced or through their virtual/in-person classes for $99.

  • Foundation99 – Phone 1-88-599-4245
    Ayuda en Espanol: https://foundation99.org/espanol/
    Foundation 99 is Austin ISD Financial Wellness Benefit which provides employees with Unlimited, Confidential, No Cost, 1:1 Financial Coaching and powerful online financial tools in English and Spanish. Foundation 99 coaching and tools can assist employee with topics such as: Making a Major purchase, Refinancing, Budgeting, Debt Reduction, Credit Improvement, Emergency Savings, Student Loan Repayment and More. Foundation 99 coaches are available for phone and virtual appointments. Schedule at: https://foundation99.org/coaching/


Downpayment, Closing Costs & Financial Assistance

  • ATX Benjamin Realty Group is offering up to $10,000 in closing credits when you use us as your Realtor to help buy or sell a home. Includes new home communities, resale homes, and selling a home. We offer expert advice every step of the way through the home buying process. We also specialize in providing educator resources for home loans and down payment assistance grants. Contact email is atxbenjamin@gmail.com or call / text (512) 423-3582 for more information. We are educator owned and operated giving back to Austin ISD staff members and the community. 
  • Austin Area Urban League, Inc. - Phone: (512) 478-7176
    • Down payment and closing costs assistance.
  • Austin Affordable Housing Corporation - Phone: (512) 477-4488 
    • Provides quality, affordable housing opportunities for low- to moderate-income families in Austin as well as provide financial literacy and down payment assistance.
  • Austin Community Land Trust
    • When you partner with Austin Community Land Trust (ACLT) to buy a home, you own the house and lease the land.
  • Austin Down Payment Assistance Program 
    • Offered through the City of Austin, income-eligible first-time homebuyers may qualify for down payment assistance. You will have to complete homebuyer education classes to learn more about the home buying process before you're eligible for assistance. The program covers down payment and closing costs, including pre-paid expenses associated with home buying. Homebuyers may qualify for up to $40,000 in assistance. Note: Sales price of the home cannot exceed $380,000.
  • Austin Habitat for Humanity - Phone: (512) 472-8788
    • Provides opportunities for families to own their own homes.
  • Austin Housing Finance Corporation - Phone: (512) 974-3100
    • Down payment Assistance Program - assistance with down payments and eligible assistance costs.
  • Bank of England Mortgage – Phone 1-512-422-4017
    Meet your preferred lender! All Austin ISD employees are eligible for their special programs and discounts towards home purchases, all property types and refinances. They work with many realtors who offer to pay for a home warranty and other closing cost items. Bank of England offers free pre-approvals and max sale price analysis, along with free coaching and planning. Click here to apply now!
  • Business & Community Lenders (BCL) of Texas - Phone: (512) 912-9884
    • Business & Community Lenders (BCL) of Texas is a statewide nonprofit economic development organization that focuses on helping individuals buy homes, finance businesses and learn how to manage money.
  • Capital Area Housing Finance Corporation – Phone: (512) 347-9953
    • Provides assistance to home buyers in the eight counties surrounding Travis County.
  • Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs - Phone: (800) 792-1119
    • Provides below-market interest rate mortgage loans to people who are purchasing their first home or who have not owned a home in the past three years.
  • Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation – Phone: (512) 477-3555
    • State-sponsored housing corporation that provides mortgage loans and other home ownership assistance. 
  • Travis County Housing Finance Corporation - Phone: (512) 854-9116
    • Mortgage Loan and Down Payment Assistance Program.
  • Texas Homeowner Assistance – Phone: (833) 651-3874
    • This program gives eligible homeowners grants to cover past due mortgage payments, up to three (3) months of future mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, homeowner/condo association fees, past due utility payments, and up to three (3) months of prospective utility payments. Eligible utility payments include electricity, natural gas, propane, water, and wastewater. The program is administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) with funding provided by the Homeowner Assistance Fund under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

Foreclosure Prevention

  • Clearpoint CCS - Phone: (800) 750-2227
    • A non-profit, nationwide, company that provides debt/credit counseling, debt management plans, mortgage default and foreclosure counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, pre and post bankruptcy counseling, pre and post home buying counseling, rental counseling and a whole list of financial education classes. Most of these at no cost for the community. We do one-on-ones here in the office, group classes, over the phone or even online.
  • FrameWorks Community Development Corporation – Phone:(512) 385-1500
    • Provides free foreclosure prevention counseling to families at risk of foreclosure and intervenes with banks to help families avoid foreclosure.
  • Homeowner Preservation Foundation- Phone: (888) 995-HOPE
    • Free telephone- and web-based foreclosure prevention counseling for people who are having trouble paying their mortgages.
  • HUD-approved housing counseling agencies
    • List of HUD-approved agencies that provide information and assistance on avoiding foreclosure. The current listing for Travis County includes: CCCS of Greater Dallas- Austin and Frameworks Community Development Corporation.
  • Making Home Affordable
    • Federal program that helps homeowners reduce their monthly mortgage payments to more affordable levels through the Home Affordable Refinance Program and the Home Affordable Modification Program.
  • BCL of Texas – Phone (512) 912-9884
    BCL is a HUD approved counseling agency available to provide you with information and guidance to prevent foreclosure. The counselors will help you understand your mortgage default and communicate with your mortgage servicer to help bring your mortgage current or figure out what’s next. By appointment only, help available free of cost.

Housing Repair

  • Austin Tenants' Council - Phone: (512) 474-7006
    • Assistance with complaints regarding discrimination in the rental, sale, financing or appraising of housing.
  • Predatory Lease Agreements - Find out what to look out for before signing a lease agreement to beware of predatory clauses and arrangements.
  • Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid - Phone: (800) 369-9270
    • Legal representation with housing problems.

In Texas, an oral or written rental agreement is considered as valid when a landlord accepts regular payments for inhabiting a property. According to Texas law, a rental agreement allows certain rights to the tenant, such as the right to a habitable dwelling and the right to take at least one form of alternative action.

Landlords also have certain rights, such as the right to collect rent on a regular basis and deduct for costs from damages that are beyond normal wear and tear. Learn More.

  • Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area – Phone: (888) 622-9111
    • Information referral for older adults including housing options.
  • Austin Integral Care – Phone: (512) 472-4357
    • Assistance identifying subsidies, grants, and rental locations to assist adults with mental illness and locating temporary and long-term housing.
  • Accessible Housing Austin
    • Provides housing for a diverse range of Austinites with disabilities, including adults and children with mobility impairments, visual impairment, chronic illness, and other physical and emotional disabilities.
  • Austin Housing Finance Corporation – Phone: (512) 974-3100
    • Barrier removal assistance for homeowners and renters who are elderly or have mobility impairments and low income.
  • Caritas of Austin - Phone:(512) 479-4610 
    • Permanent supportive housing and rapid rehousing services for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Family Eldercare – Phone: (512) 450-0844
    • Transitional shelter for older adults and people with disabilities who are in need of temporary transitional housing. Family Eldercare Gardens also offers an affordable senior housing community in Central East Austin called Lyons Gardens.
  • Jeremiah Program - Phone:(512) 770-9036  
    • Housing and resources for low-income single mothers. 
  • LifeWorks Austin
    • Pathway housing for runaway and homeless youth, young parents, and youth who are aging out of the foster care system.
  • Mary Lee Foundation - Phone: (512) 443-5777
    • Provides affordable rental housing for people with physical or mental disabilities, and people with very low income.
  • Mobile Loaves & Fishes - Phone:(512) 328-7299  
    • Provides supportive housing and community for people experiencing homelessness.
  • Project Transitions Inc – Phone: (512) 454-8646
    • Transitional, subsidized housing for people living with HIV/AIDS and their families at various locations.
  • Rebekah Baines Johnson Center - Phone:(512) 476-6051
    • Independent, affordable living center for seniors (62+) and people with disabilities. 
  • SAFE Alliance - Phone:(512) 267-7233
    • Offering transitional and permanent supportive housing for individuals and families escaping abuse and violence. 
  • Saint Louise House - Phone:(512) 302-0027 
    • Stable housing and wrap-around services for single mothers experiencing homelessness.