Program Information

The 3rd Base Program After-School Experience (pg. 15 of the Parent Handbook)

The 3rd Base Program has many components to keep your child engaged during after-school time. The curriculum used during program time is developed and implemented by the Licensed Site Supervisors in collaboration with the 3rd Base Programming Specialist. The goal of the curriculum is to focus on the educational, emotional, and physical needs of all children in an after-school setting. While each campus is unique, you can expect to see the following at each:

  • Homework time—Children are provided a quiet environment dedicated to homework Monday thru Thursday. Books are available to read for children who have completed their homework. The amount of time dedicated to homework varies by grade level. Children who require additional time will be accommodated provided staffing and scheduling allow. Each child is responsible for his/her own homework. The 3rd Base Program staff are not responsible for checking a child’s homework, nor confirming that the child has an assignment on any given day. Tutoring and direct homework assistance are also not provided. However, the 3rd Base Program staff will provide direction and assistance when possible. Homework and reading time are not used as a discipline tool. 
  • Snack—Each child is offered a daily snack that meets HHSC Minimum Standard requirements.
  • Outdoor/gym time—Children are provided structured and unstructured time for physical activities.
  • Centers/art—Age appropriate centers and art activities to keep children entertained and fulfill the creative side of their personalities. 
  • Computer time—Children are permitted to go on district-approved websites to continue learning.
  • Screen Time Policy - The 3rd Base Program requires that the designated activity is age appropriate, related to the current curriculum, and does not exceed the one hour limit as defined in HHSC Minimum Standards. 
  • CATCH Curriculum—Used to facilitate active play both indoors and outdoors.
  • Enrichment activities—Activities may include science, music & dance, technology, dramatic play and more.
  • Parent events—Monthly activities provided to parents by our campus staff to help engage relationships.

Hours of Operation

  • After-School: school dismissal until 6:00 pm. 
  • All Day Outs and Camps: 7:00 am—6:00 pm.


After-School Service Calendar

Please review our Parent Handbook for more program specific information.