A Creative Campus

CLI’s goal of making Austin ISD an arts-rich district starts at the campus. Each campus in the Creative Learning Initiative receives ongoing support in three key areas:

Creative Teaching and Learning

Creative learning is a technique that teachers use to increase the rigor of instruction in all subject areas by using specific techniques from drama, visual arts, music, movement and digital media. These techniques engage students and require them to think deeply about what they are learning, and data shows that creative learning improves students’ test scores and engagement. Teachers are given professional development and one-on-one coaching support to deepen their understanding of the strategies and develop new, innovative areas for implementation.

Creative learning works by asking students to:

•    Generate multiple ideas.
•    Make creative choices.
•    Construct mental and physical models.
•    Analyze and synthesize content.
•    Translate symbol systems.
•    Transfer understanding.
•    Contribute personal points of view.

Student Access to Sequential Fine Arts

Dance, drama, music and visual arts provide essential academic, artistic and personal skills for all young people. In partnership with the Fine Arts Department, the Creative Learning Initiative works to ensure all students have access to the arts throughout their school career, and are learning the important skills embedded in the arts.

In some elementary grade levels, dance and drama specialists provide classroom instruction to give students access to more art forms before they reach secondary campuses.

Community Arts Partnerships

Through CLI, each participating school receives funding for students to experience arts in the community. Students can study in museums, see performances from professional actors or musicians, or learn from a teaching artist that connects their art form to what’s happening in the classroom. 

Partnerships with Austin artists and community arts organizations are vital in helping AISD move from being arts-involved to being an arts-rich school district.