Visual Arts


Above: "Art is a Window," by Ascher H., 10th Grade, 2022–Bowie High School, Austin ISD

Why Art?

At Austin ISD, we firmly believe that art is an essential mode of personal expression and a crucial component of any curriculum. Art plays a significant role in our lives by helping us process and make sense of the complexities of the world we live in. Whether it's through paintings, sculptures, music, or any other form, art serves as a powerful tool for creating a shared understanding, facilitating difficult conversations, and offering new perspectives on issues, ideas, and people.

Since the dawn of time, storytelling has been an integral part of human culture, and art is all about telling stories. That's why we strive to provide young artists with ample opportunities to explore various art forms, hone their skills, and share their unique stories with the Austin ISD community and the world beyond. 

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2020 Gallery

This 2020 virtual galleries showcase the range of student talents we have throughout the district. Explore the art below by choosing a campus to view each school's artwork, provided as a PDF. Enjoy!

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