Future of school funding looking bleak following failure of school voucher bill (En español)

The most recent efforts at the Texas Capitol to create a school voucher program were defeated after lawmakers voted 84-63 to remove the creation of education savings accounts from the session’s education funding bill, HB 1. A coalition of all…

New special legislative session revives vouchers, school funding, teacher bonuses (En español)

New special legislative session revives vouchers, school funding, teacher bonuses By Paul Stinson Austin ISD continues to monitor developments during the new special legislative session that began Tuesday. We have our eyes on the latest legislative proposal…

Increased school funding could come at the cost of vouchers (En español)

As the second week of the special legislative session started, Austin ISD has its eye on two important bills passed by the Senate: SB 1 and SB 2. SB 1 would give some Texas families tax dollars to pay for private school, commonly referred to as school…

Governor Abbott calls special legislative session (En español)

Gov. Greg Abbott announced last week a special 30-day session of the 88th Texas Legislature to begin October 9.

Help Austin ISD ensure gun-free campuses (En español)

Austin ISD is dedicated to a safe learning environment at school and at home. Proper gun storage education and laws are essential to ensuring gun-free campuses. To further our efforts to protect students from firearms, and as a courtesy to our families,…

New state law mandates tougher enforcement for e-cigarettes (En español)

The Austin ISD Student Success Guide (Student Code of Conduct) is now available on the Austin ISD website for students, parents, and guardians to review.  What’s new? A new state law, HB 114, mandates that  ALL e-cigarettes (THC and Tobacco) are…

Austin ISD to request informal review of TEA Special Education Conservatorship (en español)

Today, Austin ISD is requesting an informal review of the Texas Education Agency’s March 31, 2023, Final Report that recommended a conservator to help address special education issues in the district.

Board of Trustees Approves Two Additional Paid Days Off for Campus Staff (En Español)

Our Board of Trustees approved adding two extra paid days off for teachers and other campus-based staff this spring.

Texas Capitol Chamber

Austin ISD Recaps the 87th Legislative Session

The 87th Legislative Session has come to a close. The session had a real effect on how schools will operate in the coming year, between the passing of a bill that will revamp the social studies curriculum to inaction on a bill that would have allowed schools…