Ask Ed: Does the school district have to pass a budget? (En español)

Lately, we’ve been hearing questions about whether it’s necessary for the Austin ISD Board of Trustees to adopt a budget, so we put the question to Ed Ramos, Austin ISD’s chief financial officer. Ed: A school board must adopt a budget by June 30. If a board…

Recapture from Austin ISD to Reach Nearly $800 Million in 2022–23 (En español)

Austin ISD, which already sends the most local property tax dollars to the state by a wide margin, is projecting a $37.3 million increase—to $798.6 million in the 2022–23 school year.


AISD proposes recapture solutions that Lege might listen to (En Español)

There are two solutions that could drastically ease Austin ISD’s recapture payments without significantly altering the state’s funding formula, and district leaders are hoping the Lege will listen.

Campus Report Cards now Available

Two report cards about your campus are now available for you to review.  They’re called the State of Texas 2020–21 School Report Card and the Federal Report Card.   Why it matters: These report cards provide information about student performance on the…

Recapture, also known as "Robin Hood," monopoly banner

What is recapture? (En español)

You’ve read the headlines: Austin ISD paid the most in recapture than any other Texas district. But what does that mean? Here is an explainer. 


Superintendent Asks Community for Support on Improving Academics, Balancing Budget (En español)

Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde asked the community for support as she has to make tough decisions to improve academics and balance the budget. 

Teachers and classified staff could see pay increase (En Español)

Austin ISD teachers could receive a $1,000 base pay raise in addition to a 2% raise of the midpoint of their pay scale in the new school year.

Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde

Update on 2022–23 schedule, pay raises (En Español)

After reflecting on input that I and members of our leadership team recently received from many of our staff and families, I wanted to let you know where we’ve landed on the schedule for next school year. I also wanted to share how we’re proposing to use…

District leaders preview 2022-23 budget challenges

Decreased enrollment leads to decreased budgets in school districts. That theme was the center of conversation at the Nov. 3 Budget 101 information session. Throughout the session, Chief Financial Officer Eduardo Ramos shared grim projections for the…

District provides equity assessment update

Austin ISD could move forward with a Request for Proposal for an equity assessment as early as Oct. 28, according to an update provided at last week’s meeting.

Homeowners could see lower tax rate (En Español)

Austin ISD is set to approve the lowest tax rate in 20 years at its Sept. 23 meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Student using laptop

Lawmakers vote to fund virtual learning programs (En español)

Austin ISD may soon recoup some of the funding that went toward operating its virtual learning program for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.