Special Education Advisory Committee

Special Education Advisory Committee

The AISD Special Education Advisory Committee is a long standing committee of over 15 years composed of teachers, principals, business representatives, community representatives, and parents of students who receive special education services. The purpose of SEAC is to assist AISD administration, parents, and Board of Trustees to support students with special needs. 

Special Education Advisory Council Members 2019-20

  1. Lisa Flores, Bilingual Parent
  2. Jolene Sanders, Community Member
  3. Maria Hernandez, Business, Representative
  4. Dr. Lance Kinney, Parent
  5. Chad Johnson, Parent
  6. Enrique Trejo, Parent
  7. Patricia Carley, Parent
  8. Eric Oyler, Parent
  9. Brian Mangum, Parent
  10. Shirra Hanna, Parent
  11. Permal Amin, Parent
  12. Jessica Bailey-Sanchez, Parent
  13. Shelly Grabe, Parent
  14. Heather Merritt, Austin ISD Special Education Teacher
  15. Raul Sanchez, Austin ISD Webb Middle School Principal
  16. Angelo San Segundo, Austin ISD Wooten Elementary Principal
  17. Dr. Akweta Hickman, Austin ISD Executive Director Special Education
  18. Chad Ouellette, Austin ISD Assistant Director
  19. Helen Miller, Community Member

How can I become a member?

To apply for membership, fill out the standard membership application that is provided in the District Advisory Bodies section.


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