The AISD Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is a long standing committee of over 15 years composed of teachers, principals, business representatives, community representatives, and parents of students who receive special education services. The purpose of SEAC is to assist AISD administration, parents, and Board of Trustees to support students with special needs. 


Special Education Advisory Council Members 


Dr. Lance Kinney, Parent, Co-Chair

Maria Hernandez, Business, Representative

Chad Johnson, Parent

Chris Masey, Parent

Vacant, General Education Teacher

Enrique Trejo, Parent

Eric Oyler, Parent

Patricia Carley, Parent

Jolene Sanders, Community Rep.

Candance Aylor, Community Rep. 

Heather Merritt, Special Education Teacher

Raul Sanchez, Webb Middle School Principal

Angelo San Segundo, Wooten Elementary Principal

Dr. Jean Bahney, Executive Director of Special Education

AISD Standard Membership Application