The Office of Accountability and Assessment is responsible for the collection, validation and reporting of all assessment, student, staff and financial data.  The office includes the following functional areas: 

Systemwide Testing coordinates the security, administration and processing of state and federally-mandated assessments.

Campus & District Accountability provides campus and district leaders with student performance data to gauge progress; inform good decision making; and target assistance for students, teachers, and schools. 

Department of Research and Evaluation staff work with program staff throughout the district to design and conduct formative and summative program evaluations.

State Reporting is responsible for the submission of data reported through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS), PID Enrollment Tracking (PET) and Texas Records Exchange (TREx) systems. 

Benchmark Assessments coordinates the development and implementation of the district benchmark assessment program. 

Contact Information

Debra Ready
Executive Director
Ph: (512) 414-9982

Ruth A. Young
Executive Assistant
Ph: (512) 414-9982