Stop-Arm Camera Program

Safety is in Everyone's Best Interest

Stop-arm cameras are installed at a key location on the exterior of each Austin ISD school bus. When a school bus extends its stop-arm, the system can automatically detect if a vehicle passes the stopped school bus within the enforced zone.

If a vehicle passes the school bus, the cameras capture images and video of the violating vehicle. The images show not only the violating vehicle as it passes the school bus, but also the vehicle’s license plate and the school bus’ extended stop arm. The system also records a video of the violating vehicle as further evidence of the violation.

Violation data and images are then wirelessly uploaded for validation, processing and notice issuance. A final review of the image and video is conducted by AISD’s law enforcement personnel, who then will approve or reject the violation.

Why does Austin ISD have a school bus safety camera program?
Today, parents have enough reasons to worry about their children’s safety—sending them to school should not be one of them. It is illegal and also dangerous for a vehicle to pass a stopped school bus. The goal of the program is to improve safety for students who ride school buses. We are committed to reducing violations, collisions and injuries to keep our community safe.

What is a school bus violation?
A school bus violation occurs when a motorist passes a school bus after the school bus has come to a complete stop with its stop-arm extended and lights flashing.

Why is this type of enforcement needed?
Violations are automatically detected, allowing the bus driver to focus on driving. Photo-enforcement systems serve allow for continuous law enforcement while police officials focus on other high-priority needs. When a school bus stops and alternating red flashing lights are active, drivers must stop.

How are bus routes selected?
AISD officials worked with Austin ISD Police Department to determine the frequency of illegal stop-arm passing. In many cases, district officials have been made aware of dangerous driving habits that affect the safety of our children as they enter and exit school buses. In the next year, all buses should have stop-arm cameras on AISD regular route buses.

How much is the fine?
Violators will be assessed a $300 penalty. This is a civil penalty, no points will be assessed, and there is no reporting to insurance companies.

What do I do if I have received a notice?
Please visit and log on with the information provided on the notice, or call 1-866-790-4111. There are also detailed instructions on the back of the notice.