Grades & Classifications

Letter Grades + Alpha-to-Numeric Conversion

When students transfer to Austin ISD from a school that gives letter grades, a uniform grading system for translating letter grades is used in all secondary schools. The chart below defines the alpha-to-numeric conversion used in AISD. When an alpha-to-numeric conversion scale is provided from the sending district, the sending district’s grading scale is used in lieu of AISD’s conversion chart.

This alpha-to-numeric conversion also applies to grades completed through the dual credit program. High school students enrolled in dual-credit course in which only letter grades are assigned may request a numerical grade from their instructors. College instructors, however, are not required to grant requests for numerical grades. It is the students’ responsibility to verify if the instructor agrees to provide a numerical grade prior to enrolling in the course.

To request a numerical grade, students must contact the college instructor and request that a numerical grade be sent to their high school registrar. The numerical grade provided by the instructor will be used in lieu of the established alpha-to-numeric chart conversion scale.

Letter Grade Numeric Conversion
A+ (Excellent) 99
A 96
A- 92
B+ (Good) 89
B 86
B- 82
C+ (Fair) 79
C 76
C- 72
D 70
F (Failing; below 60) 60

High School Grade-level Classification

Promotion, grade-level advancement, and course credit shall be based on mastery of the curriculum. Grade-level advancement for students in grades nine through 12 shall be determined by course credits and the student’s original year of entry into grade nine. (EIE LOCAL).

Grade Classification Requirements

  1. Ninth/Freshman—completion of eighth grade and 0–4.5 credits
  2. 10th/Sophomore—completion of one year of high school and 5 credits
  3. 11th/Junior—completion of two years of high school and 10 credits
  4. 12th/Senior—completion of three years of high school and 15 credits
    Note: Credits denied because of excessive absences are not included when determining credit totals. 

Early Graduates

A family is entitled to request, with the expectation that the request will not be unreasonably denied, that a student be permitted to graduate from high school earlier than the student would normally graduate, if the student completes all required courses and exit-level assessment requirements for graduation.

Students seeking graduation in fewer than four years should see their school counselor or registrar to obtain an early graduation intent form. Prior to grade-level reclassification to grade 12, the student must:

  • Meet the minimum credit requirements for grade level reclassification.
  • Show evidence of course completion probability for their intended graduation plan.
  • Submit a completed early graduation intent form with required signatures.

Grade-point averages for students who complete the high school program requirements in fewer than four years shall be ranked with the class in which they actually graduate.