AISD Social & Emotional Learning Visitor Inquiry

AISD Social & Emotional Learning Visitor Inquiry

We welcome you to visit campuses of Austin Independent School District who engage in a growth mindset around social and emotional learning implementation. To ensure your visit aligns with your learning objectives, please complete the following form. We will do our best to plan a day around your learning objects, keeping your interests regarding education level and where you are on your SEL journey in mind.

In order to provide you with the best experience possible, please provide our department at least 30 days to prepare for your visit.

Spring tours are currently at capacity. Your request will be added to our wait list, and you will be guaranteed a spot for our Fall 2019 semester.

Please note: In order to continue providing this professional learning opportunity including campus tours and accommodating the high number of visitor requests we receive, we will begin charging $100 per person starting July 1, 2019.

(maximum of 5 visitors per group)
What education level are you interested in observing on your visit? (Check all that apply.)
Have you or anyone from your school/district visited us before?