Dual Language

The Best of Both Worlds

Dual language helps students excel academically while becoming 

  • Bilingual & Biliterate: Understand, speak, read and write in two languages. 
  • High Academic Achievement in all subject areas. 
  • Gain appreciation for different cultures. 

The program is committed to educating students in a multicultural learning environment and encouraging learners to celebrate diversity and become responsible citizens of the world. 


If you don’t speak the language, that’s ok! AISD’s Dual language programs are open to all AISD students who are interested in a multilingual academic experience when entering Pre-K, Kindergarten or within the first 20 days of the beginning of first grade. 

2nd grade through high school student applicants: a language assessment in the partner language must indicate the student demonstrates the target language proficiency necessary to participate on grade-level.

Learn more about the application process and how to apply.

Our district's bilingual education program is a Dual Language program. AISD's Dual Language program provides emergent bilinguals with the opportunity to excel academically, strengthen their bilingualism and biliteracy in a way that maintains and fosters connection to community. Emergent bilingual students are able to enter into the dual language bilingual education program at any grade level.

Please visit the Dual Language page for more information.