Dual Language

The Best of Both Worlds

The three goals of dual language are: 

  • Bilingualism and biliteracy; 
  • High academic achievement; and 
  • Sociocultural competence

The mission of Austin ISD Multilingual Education is to promote academic excellence by meeting the affective, linguistic, and cognitive needs of multilingual learners. Austin ISD's  Dual Language instructional practices leverage students’ cultures, languages, and life experiences to provide culturally and linguistically sustaining learning environments. Dual Language students develop pride in their identity, culture, and languages  as they learn content in two languages.


If you don’t speak the language, that’s ok! AISD’s Dual language programs are open to all Austin ISD students who are interested in a multilingual academic experience when entering Pre-K, Kindergarten or within the first 20 days of the beginning of first grade. 

2nd grade through 12th grade non-emergent bilingual student applicants:

Since students participating in dual language programming learn language through academic content, strong listening and speaking skills in the partner language is highly encouraged. (Partner language refers to the language other than English.)

Some considerations when applying:

  • Has the non-emergent bilingual student previously participated in a dual language program?
  • Do the parents/families speak the partner language, understand the program goals, and are committed to participating through the duration of the program?
  • Are there available seats for non-emergent bilingual students at the preferred campus?
  • Learn more about the application process and how to apply.

Austin ISD's Dual Language Program fulfills the federal requirement (Chapter §89.1205) to offer a bilingual program for students identified as Emergent Bilingual (students who speak a language other than English at home). These students may enter the Dual Language Program at any grade level. Please visit the Dual Language page for more information.