1882 Partnerships

Austin ISD will on occasion seek partners to submit 1882 proposals that will add or build on our already amazing choices for students.

There is no set design for an 1882 school. Interested schools could be an existing campus looking to do things differently, a school that has experienced struggles in the past and wants to try a new approach, or even an entirely new model.

For existing schools, the choice to become an 1882 campus should include the community—teachers, staff, students and their families—to determine that the campus is ready to try things differently.

We want schools to think about how an 1882 model would allow them to explore new ways to accomplish more than they ever have before. For a new model, the proposal should clearly demonstrate how the 1882 school would fill an existing need for Austin students.

To learn more about 1882 partnerships, you can visit the Texas Education Agency information page for 1882: https://txpartnerships.org/

1882 Documents:


Both are in-district charters, but Travis Heights is not an 1882 partnership and United Way is an 1882 partnership. Travis Heights was created as an in-district charter using AISD Policy CL (LOCAL).

Yes, teachers at Travis Heights are AISD employees.

Yes, Travis Heights has a contract with AISD, different than an 1882 contract.

Yes if the facility is an AISD owned facility.

For a description of the different types of partnerships, please refer to the Texas Education Agency Partnership Guide, page 5 “Types of Partnerships”.

Yes. It is recommended that a non-school potential partner who want to explore use of AISD property explain their plan as part of their Leadership and Operations Plan.

SB 1882 outlines some requirements for the selection of the Board. This includes who may serve on the Board and who would not be eligible. Additional information can be found on page 25 of the Texas Education Agency Partnership Guide.

Interested parties are welcome to suggest their own board structure that align with the law. AISD may required that some number of board members be appointed by the AISD Board of the Administration. This can be negotiated after approval of the final application.

If space is available and a partnership is approved, a non-profit would not be charged to use space for school purposes. Some charges could apply for non-school use