Latino Academic Achievement Awards


Austin ISD’s Latino Academic Achievement Awards

Friday, April 21 | viernes, 21 de abril

6:30 to 8:30 p.m. • Austin ISD Performing Arts Center,
1500 Barbara Jordan Blvd, Austin, TX 78723


Join the Austin ISD community in recognizing Austin ISD's Top Latino students of 2022-23.
Contact Connie Soong at for any questions

Acompañe a la comunidad de Austin ISD en el reconocimiento de los estudiantes latinos de Austin de 2022-23.

Para cualquier pregunta, comuníquese con Connie Soong en

The LAAA is held annually to recognize our Latino students, grades 7-12, who excel in their academic work. We hope that you, along with your family, can join us for this special event and are asking you to please arrive at least 30 minutes early (6 p.m.) and report to the registration desk where you will receive special instructions.

El LAAA se celebra anualmente para reconocer a nuestros estudiantes latinos, de los grados 7 a 12, que se destacan en su trabajo académico. Esperamos que usted, junto con su familia, pueda acompañarnos en este evento especial y le pedimos que llegue al menos 30 minutos antes (6 p.m.) y se presente en la mesa de registro donde recibirá instrucciones especiales.

Se ofrecerá el servicio de interpretación simultánea del inglés al español.

The Austin ISD HUB Program Department is dedicated to increasing economic equity within the Austin ISD community. Our motivation is to infuse capital in small businesses to reflect the diversity of Austin ISD students and positively impact current students and Austin ISD alumni, their families, and their neighborhoods. We focus on engaging minority (MBE) and women owned (WBE) businesses through a race and gender-conscious process designed to encourage greater investment in Historically Underutilized Businesses. While our primary mission is equity in construction contracting we encourage participation in all phases of procurement.

We will have two Latino-owned food trucks available after our award ceremony from 8:30–10 P.M. 


Downtown Burgers

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Who We Are


Call us at 512-791-2427 or visit our website.


Please also consider giving to the Livingtree supporting the wide range of events during Hispanic Heritage Month and our 2024 Latino Academic Achievement Awards.