Central Texas Dyslexia Conference 2023


Central Texas Dyslexia Conference 2023—Hosted by Austin ISD

Virtual: October 6-20, 2023

The ninth annual dyslexia conference brings together researchers, parents, dyslexia therapists, teachers, related service providers, advocates, and other professionals to build understanding and application of improved support and services for students with dyslexia.

This year’s conference will be virtual, on demand, and as always FREE for educators, families, and professionals starting Friday October 6, 2023.  

Keynote Speaker

Joan Sedita, Founder and Author at Keys to Literacy, will present an overview of The Writing Rope model for writing instruction (Sedita, 2019).

Many teachers do not recognize that effective writing instruction must address multiple components, represented as strands in a rope in this model. An explanation with references to research findings will be provided for the five strands:

  1. Critical Thinking (generating ideas and information, stages of the writing process),
  2. Syntax (syntactic awareness, sentence elaboration, punctuation),
  3. Text Structure (narrative, informational, opinion; paragraph structure; patterns of organization,
  4. Writing Craft (awareness of task, audience, purpose; word choice; literary devices,
  5. Transcription (spelling and handwriting fluency).
    This workshop addresses writing instruction across grades 3-12.

Featured Presentations by:

  • Jessica R. Toste, PhD, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Google
  • Austin ISD Dyslexia Services
  • Austin ISD Assistive Technology 
  • Austin ISD Special Education 


General Conference Information:
Suzann P. Vera, M.S. Ed., LDT, SLDS, CALT-QI