In elementary and secondary schools that have strong SEL implementation on their campuses, students have highly positive perceptions of the...

Equity in AISD

AISD staff are engaging in work to create greater equity among and within our schools with regard to student instructional services and student...

SAT Results, 2015-2016

SAT participation continued to increase in 2015–2016 with 2,906 AISD students taking the test (Figure 1). SAT test participation also increased...

ACT Results, 2015-2016

ACT continued to increase in 2015–16 with 1,680 AISD students taking the test. ACT test participation also increased at the state and national...

How AISD Can Increase College Enrollment Among Hispanic Graduates

Although enrollment rates have been increasing for all groups, for the past 12 years in AISD, Hispanic graduates have had the lowest postsecondary...

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Students of International High School

This report provides a longitudinal analysis of enrollment patterns and development of English proficiency among International High School students.

The Properties of Students' Personal Development Skills Report Card Ratings

Analyses presented in this report suggest that elementary school students’ personal development skill ratings were fairly stable over time at the student, teacher, and grade levels. Students’ personal development skill ratings also were positively...

Social and Emotional Learning Technical Report: Student Level Outcomes, 2015-2016

This report summarizes student-level analyses conducted with the SEL Skills Survey and the Student Climate Survey to determine if a single measure of students' SEL skill acquisition and perceptions of school climate is possible.

Principals' Platicas on Elementary Dual Language Program, January 2017

This report summarizes highlights from discussions, or "platicas", held with elementary principals about the district's dual language program. Principals provided their opinions about the program and gave suggestions for improvements.

2015-2016 Creative Learning Initiative Annual Report

The Creative Learning Initiative (CLI) is a community-wide effort to bring creative learning and the arts to each and every student in Austin. Lead by MINDPOP, the City of Austin, and the Austin Independent School District (AISD), CLI designs...


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