DRE staff win 2 AERA awards!

Evaluation Analyst Lindsay Lamb was awarded the American Education Research Association’s (AERA) Division H Outstanding Publication Award for...


In elementary and secondary schools that have strong SEL implementation on their campuses, students have highly positive perceptions of the...

Equity in AISD

AISD staff are engaging in work to create greater equity among and within our schools with regard to student instructional services and student...

SAT Results, 2015-2016

SAT participation continued to increase in 2015–2016 with 2,906 AISD students taking the test (Figure 1). SAT test participation also increased...

ACT Results, 2015-2016

ACT continued to increase in 2015–16 with 1,680 AISD students taking the test. ACT test participation also increased at the state and national...

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2016-2017 Student Climate Survey

The student climate survey provides the opportunity to monitor students’ opinions regarding topics such as behavioral environment, adult fairness and respect, student academic self-confidence, teacher expectations, student engagement, and social...

Fifth-Grade Native English Speakers' Performance on STAMP 4Se, Spanish-Language Proficiency Assessment, 2016-2017

This report documents how native English speakers enrolled in the two-way dual language program at Austin Independent School District (AISD) performed on STAMP 4Se, a Spanish-language proficiency test during the 2016-2017 school year.

Elementary Teachers' Feedback on the Dual Language Program, 2016-2017

This report summarizes dual language teachers’ feedback that was collected individually or during focus groups in the fall and winter of 2016-2017. Teachers gave their opinions about program components and suggestions for how to improve the program.

Teachers' Perceptions of Social and Emotional Learning Implementation

Using qualitative analyses of teachers’ open-ended responses, this report describes teachers’ perceptions of positive changes on campuses because of social and emotional learning (SEL) and recommendations for the future of SEL at AISD.

Analysis of Equity in Austin Independent School District: Update to the equity indices

This report presents data on equity in AISD, using an index of student performance, an index of the instructional services provided to students, and school per pupil expenditures.


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