ACT Results, 2016-2017

In 2016–2017, the district’s average ACT composite score of 22.5 exceeded the state and national average composite scores.  The district’s...

SAT Results, 2016-2017

In 2016—2017, the district’s SAT scores exceeded the state and the national averages overall and on the evidenced–based reading and writing and math...

DRE staff win 2 AERA awards!

Evaluation Analyst Lindsay Lamb was awarded the American Education Research Association’s (AERA) Division H Outstanding Publication Award for...


In elementary and secondary schools that have strong SEL implementation on their campuses, students have highly positive perceptions of the...

Equity in AISD

AISD staff are engaging in work to create greater equity among and within our schools with regard to student instructional services and student...

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Bilingual and English as a Second Language Programs Summary, 2016–2017

This report provides information on AISD's bilingual and English as a Second Language programs implemented in 2016–2017, summarizing the numbers of students served, and students’ language acquisition and academic performance.

2017 SAT Results Summary

This report describes SAT test results for AISD’s graduating seniors, Class of 2017, who took the SAT any time during high school.

2017 ACT Results Summary

This report brief describes district-level ACT test results for AISD seniors in the 2016–2017 school year.

School Grief Support Network Initiative: Survey Results, Spring 2017

This report describes results from a survey designed to assess students' emotions and behaviors prior to and following their participation in targeted grief support counseling.

Creative Campus Profiles, 2016-2017

Research on creative learning shows that students attending arts-rich schools have higher levels of motivation and better academic and social success. Arts richness is measured in the Creative Campus profile reports according to nine diverse...


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