Recent Publications

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program Analysis Scorecard Report, 2020-2021

This report summarizes the results of the CTE Program Analysis Scorecard for the 2020–2021 school year. The CTE Program Analysis Scorecard results focus on three components of program outcomes: (a) program alignment, (b) quality of instruction, and (c) access and equity. Program outcomes provide information about program effectiveness and help to facilitate decisions about program implementation and improvement.

Central Office Climate Survey: Executive Summary, School Year 2021–2022

This summary describes results from the 2021–2022 Central Office Climate Survey (COCS). Since 2005, the COCS has been conducted to gather information on aspects of work climate and conditions at AISD Central Office. Respondents answer questions about morale and leadership within their major area, department/work group and at district level. The last COCS went out in spring 2020. Findings highlight current communication dynamics and areas for growth. To view the 2021–2022 survey results, click the Interactive Report link and choose the Central Office Climate Survey from the drop-down list.

Creative Learning in Adverse Times

This paper describes the work done to advance CLI goals despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Among many successes resulting from CLI’s resourcefulness and adaptability was an increase in secondary arts enrollment for students in special groups (e.g., special education, economically disadvantaged, and emergent bilingual). In addition, CLI’s novel Season of Arts Experiences provided 28 schools who would not have otherwise participated access to 27 unique arts partners, contributing to over 107 total arts partnerships in the 2020-2021 school year.

The Impact of Multilingual Summer School on Emergent Bilingual Students’ Beginning-of-Year (BOY) Performance in 2021–2022

This report describes the impact of the 2021 AISD multilingual summer school program on incoming kindergarten and 1st-grade emergent bilingual students’ (N = 933) fall academic performance. Relative to matched comparison groups, students who attended summer school were significantly more likely to score on-track on TX-KEA in kindergarten. While 1st graders’ attendance of the summer school did not seem to directly impact their performance on MAP Growth, it did seem indirectly related based on students’ testing language.

Remote and In-Person Learning in AISD: Implementation, Context, and Outcomes

Much of the research on virtual learning during the pandemic references hastily assembled online education as a result of pandemic closures. However, in AISD, students either already had or were provided mobile devices, and students who needed WiFi access were provided hotspots. This report looks at student attendance and learning in Fall 2020, based on how students participate in school (from home, in-person, or mixed).