Department of Research and Evaluation


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Recent Publications

Austin ISD Postsecondary Enrollment, Executive Summary Spring 2018

This report summarizes postsecondary enrollment for AISD’s Class of 2017 graduates and factors influencing postsecondary outcomes. Comprehensive multiyear enrollment results can be accessed at

Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS), Spring 2018 Results

This report summarizes AISD English learners’ (ELs) TELPAS performance on the 2018 Spring administration. Student performance is summarized by domain and composite ratings, and years in U.S. schools. The changes made to the test are also discussed.

Educator Excellence Innovation Program (EEIP), Multi-Year Summary of Implementation, 2014–2015 through 2017–2018

EEIP is a Texas Education Agency (TEA) grant program that funds innovation in teacher supports and leadership opportunities. This report summarizes the four-year implementation of EEIP schools and provides valuable lessons learned from the program.

Staff Perceptions of Social and Emotional Learning Skills in the Austin Independent School District, 2017-2018

This report uses data gathered from the Employee Coordinated Survey to analyze staff members’ perceptions of SEL implementation at their school and of their own SEL skills.

English Learners Longitudinal STAAR Performance Report

This report summarizes the longitudinal performance of bilingual and English as a second language participants’ STAAR reading and math scores across 5 school years, from 2013–2014 through 2017–2018. Students’ performance is summarized by program.