Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness in AISD

Cultural Proficiency is the understanding of an adult that their personal culture and background impact the students they work with. Inclusiveness is a way of being that shows respect, understanding and acceptance in which diversity is valued as an asset within the AISD community. This webpage is designed as a Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness (CP&I) clearinghouse for the AISD Staff community.


Embed CP&I into the work of the school district.


Provide ongoing, meaningful professional learning opportunities for AISD staff to engage in critical self-reflection on their interaction with students and their families in a manner that considers the diverse needs of all.

Culturally Responsive Lesson Design

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Austin ISD is No Place for Hate®

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How Do We Address Gender Difference? 

Embracing Gender Differences at School

Empowering Children in the Aftermath of Hate

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Addressing Sensitive Topics in School

Nervous about teaching serious and sensitive topics? 

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Anti-Bullying Resources

Anti Defamation League



Pacer National Bullying Prevention Center


Welcoming Schools



ADL video

Imagine a World Without Hate



Building capacity w/ongoing learning sessions SY 2015-16:


Principal's Council on

Race & Equity


CP&I Cohort


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"CPI" learning opportunities