AISD Partnership Virtual Care for Kids Brings Pediatricians to Campus Health Rooms

Austin ISD is excited to announce it has greatly enhanced access to medical care for all of its students through our partnership with Virtual Care for Kids (VCFK). We are bringing pediatricians to your school health room via a secure video conference (telemedicine)!

Now our students can immediately be treated by a pediatrician when they aren’t feeling well at school. This doctor’s visit will take place right from the school health room on campus. Every day at campuses across the district students suffer through symptoms while they wait for an appointment to be scheduled offsite, which can sometimes take days. The pediatricians at Virtual Care for Kids are local Texas-based providers who specialize in high-quality medical care for children of all ages (up to 21).

What can be treated? 

Students can be treated for strep, flu, minor colds, sore throat, headaches, sinus or allergy issues, nosebleeds, pink eye, minor infections, lice, rashes, styes, warts, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, period pain, urinary issues, minor cuts, minor burns, bites, and other minor injuries.   

How does this service work?  

Step 1: Get Registered! 

Families must register their child through the parent portal during the online student registration process at Consent by the guardian must be given before a student can receive health services.

Step 2: See a Pediatrician. 

Once the student is registered, they can visit a school health room on campus as they normally would if they aren’t feeling well during school hours. The school nurse will check the student's symptoms for conditions that can be treated through telehealth. If the symptoms can be treated through telehealth the student has consent, a telemedicine visit will be initiated.

From there, the student will be virtually evaluated by a pediatrician along with a Medical Engagement Coordinator (RN, LVN, or medical assistant), who will be in the school health room with the nurse. If they do not have a condition or symptoms that can be treated by telehealth, they will continue to receive care by the school nurse and/or clinical assistant. 

Step 3: Receive Care Immediately. 

The school health rooms will be equipped with onsite tests such as strep and flu as well as over-the-counter medications such as fever reducers. This allows the VCFK pediatrician to diagnose, treat the symptoms, and ultimately provide a treatment plan for the student including a prescription if needed. 

Step 4: Get Well Sooner! 

If a prescription is needed, then it will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of the guardian’s choosing. A visit summary can be provided to the parent or guardian as well as their primary pediatrician. 

AISD and VCFK are committed to the health of every student and are excited to bring on demand board certified pediatricians to the district!  With this partnership, we are taking steps to ensure your child has every resource available to them to be healthy and active in school. This partnership expands access to care for all of the families in AISD.

Additional information and an FAQ can be found on the Comprehensive Health & Mental Health Telemedicine page.