AISD Opens First Modernized Campus from 2017 Bond

TA Brown Ribbon Cutting

A packed gymnasium erupted in cheers as Principal Veronica Sharp, Superintendent Dr. Paul Cruz, Ph.D., and more cut the red ribbon to celebrate the Modernized T.A. Brown Elementary School. Elementary students who sat in rows occupying most of the gym roared in excitement to begin class in their new learning environment.

“The new spaces here at T.A. Brown, as well as other schools being modernized across the district, represent a new way of teaching and learning,” Cruz said. “We have been hard at work to ensure our students have the facilities and resources they need to learn and to thrive. We take that commitment very seriously, and I hope this beautiful new and modernized school reflects that.” 

The new construction for the school came from the 2017 bond program, which helped fund the modernization of T.A. Brown and other schools. 

T.A. Brown's new campus features a modern exterior and large open classrooms with the goal of making the learning experience fun and exciting.

“The students are very happy and super excited,” said Aiva Berkley, 4th-grade bilingual teacher. “This is an amazing new facility. We don’t have to worry about heating or cooling or things like that and it’s a relief to all of us. Students are very happy. They all want to be here and are very excited about their new school.”
T.A. Brown was designed as a green school rooted in science, technology, engineering, the arts, mathematics and outdoor learning. The facility will focus on sustainability, health and well-being, transparency, and a connection to the community.

Natural resources like rain that is turned into steam will help with heating and cooling, which will help with the district’s sustainability efforts. 

“This school is focused on our children and being stewards of our environment,” said Veronica Sharp the principal at TA Brown.

Trustee Ann Teich, District 3, said the space in which students learn matters.

“It needs to be safe, warm, dry and attractive,” Teich said. “It also needs to be something that will help students become productive citizens in the future, and they deserve an excellent space to learn in.”

For more information, please visit the T.A. Brown Elementary School website.