Austin ISD SAT and ACT Scores Exceed State, National Averages

Over the past three years, Austin ISD outperformed their counterparts across the state on the SAT and ACT exams, according to the College Board and ACT.

"I'm proud of our students and staff for all the hard work that goes into an accomplishment such as this," said AISD Superintendent Paul Cruz. "We're excited to share that we are exceeding the state and national averages on both tests and will continue to prepare students to succeed in college, career, and life."

The district's average SAT composite score of 1109 exceeded the state and the national averages at 1022 and 1059, respectively. Greater percentages of AISD students also met college-ready benchmarks than did those across the state and nation. Since 2016, The SAT test has been scored on a 1600 point scale.

Figure 1. The district's average SAT score exceeded state and national averages.

Figure 2. A greater percentage of the district's SAT test-takers met college readiness benchmarks in both subjects than did those across the state and nation.


These results are aligned with ACT results released this month, showing that AISD students also outperformed state and national test-takers on the ACT assessment.

Source: College Board's District Profile Report, 2019

Source: College Board's District Profile Report, 2019


Note: ACT national college readiness benchmark score averages are not yet publicly available.


The ACT consists of the following subject area tests: English, mathematics, reading and scientific reasoning. The highest score possible on each section of the ACT is 36.

ACT reported drops in the number of test-takers across the nation in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Similarly, AISD has experienced slight declines in SAT and ACT test-taking since 2017. This may be explained by the fact that, in recent years, an increasing number of AISD students have taken the Texas Success Initiative Assessment offered in their high schools for postsecondary admissions purposes.

For a summary report containing all 2019 SAT and ACT results, please visit AISD's Department of Research and Evaluation.