Youth Art Month Student Exhibition Recap: More Than 2,000 Works Displayed

More than 2,000 students representing 113 campuses exhibited artwork to the community during the annual Youth Art Month exhibition.  

During March and April, more than 3,000 students, families, staff and community members visited the AISD Performing Arts Center to enjoy the artwork.

Approximately 150 Austin ISD visual arts teachers collected and prepared the student artwork for the exhibition to represent the best-of-the-best for their campus and community.  

The annual exhibition is the culminating performance for visual arts students from every campus. 

About the exhibit:

  • The exhibit included 2,072 individual pieces of work—1,905 two-dimensional artworks and 167 three-dimensional sculptures.
  • There were 1,315 elementary pieces, 334 middle school pieces, and 249 high school pieces represented.
  • Also displayed were the Youth Art Month contest winner artworks: Esteban M. from Hart Elementary for the T-shirt contest, Vi N. from Murchison Middle School for the billboard contest and Theron P. from Austin High for the poster contest.  
  • This year offered a display space enlarged by approximately 4,700 square feet—larger than a professional basketball court.

Visual arts curriculum is a fundamental part of educating the whole child. Every piece of artwork is a formative assessment offering the artists an opportunity to reflect on their growth, demonstrate knowledge and skills learned, and communicate their unique and personal message to viewers.  

Art allows students to give voice to thoughts, ideas, and feelings they may not be able or willing to express with verbal and written skills.

Research shows that students enrolled in the arts have higher school attendance and those students who complete more arts courses have up to 15 percent higher passing  rate on standardized tests.  Learn more about the research that proves the Arts are good for our schools at

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