Board Approves Human Sexuality and Responsibility Scope and Sequence

The Austin ISD Board of Trustees approved the revised Human Sexuality and Responsibility scope and sequence at its February 25 meeting. The scope and sequence contains the topics that will be taught and the grade level at which those topics will be taught. AISD will post the scope and sequence on the AISD health webpage within the next week.

Administration will return to the board to seek approval of the full, revised curriculum that will include materials and lessons.

Next steps in the process include:

  • Selecting instructional materials based on the board-approved scope and sequence through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. 
  • Adjusting selected materials to align curriculum to the board-approved scope and sequence. Refining individual lessons.
  • Gathering input from parents during lesson development/refinement.
  • Presenting materials and lessons to the board for approval by end of June.
  • Beginning ongoing training of campus staff on revised curriculum.
  • Providing copies of revised instructional materials and lessons for AISD families to review at each campus library, starting August 2019.
  • Implementing revised curriculum in May 2020.