From the Superintendent: We're Listening

Dear Austin ISD Community,

As I reflect on all that has occurred this first semester of the school year, I am excited and encouraged about the opportunity to create modernized, 21st-century learning spaces for our students.

Throughout our planning process, I know we will use our minds to review programs, enrollment, data and costs, and I also know we need to think with our hearts throughout this process.

Our schools are the heart of our communities, and we need to strive to do the best for our students, families and staff. To this end, we need to continue the planning process to engage our families and community.

As an initial step, we have begun creating planning teams for several schools so we can listen and discuss all relevant issues. I’m confident this will result in our vision for the 21st-century learning spaces that are much needed by the campuses.

I’m looking forward to having these discussions with our communities and reviewing their comments and recommendations.

There will be many moving parts relative to the implementation of the bond, as well as the day-to-day operations of schools, and we will strive to communicate with you effectively.

Our plan has always reflected our intent to engage our communities, so please know that we are here to listen to our families and stakeholders.

Also, I understand we may need to modify and/or rethink our plans and timelines as appropriate, to make sure we are making the best long-term decisions for our affected communities. Through this process, I’m ready to take any of those actions that together we determine are best.

And, I hear you—there have been instances where we could have communicated in a better way. We will work hard to ensure that all our communities are informed. 

The confidence you placed in us to create 21st-century learning spaces was unprecedented, and we will build state-of-the-art classrooms that we will all be proud of.  

Please know we will be working together, and we will be listening—all to make the best decisions for our students and families.


Paul Cruz, Ph.D.